hate the smoke not the smoker

Blog Post created by doug33 on Dec 16, 2011

when I used to smoke it seemed to me that there were two types of ex smokers, the kind that tolerated your smell and only just mentioned that it was bad for you and you may want to think about quiting. Then there were the ones that would give you all sorts of grief about smoking. I prefer to be the1st trype. today at break I was talking to a smoker and the wind shifted, being a lazy person I just sat there and talked with him and didn't say anything about the smoke. He was sitting about 15 or 20 ft. away. The smoke smelled bad. he smoked 2 cigs on break. as I went back into the building I noticed I had a sore throat and a headache. then for about 2 hours after I got home I had to try to clear my throat a lot, felt like a sticky residue. I know it's from the smoke, so to anyone who inhaled my smoke when I was a smoker I apologise. But I noticed lately that I have no "wanting " to smoke, no attraction to the smoke smell...I'm on the same track as I was when I quit for a full year(and now I know better than to take anyone up on the "one drag"bet) usually I stay upwind and will practice this religiously from now on. anyone else had this type of experience?