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Once again

Posted by Dominque Aug 15, 2019

hi y’all my name is Donna n I m addictied to nicotine. I have been smoking for 34 years. I have tried more than several times to stop. It’s a habit that I have to burn because God has been so kind to me throughout the years n I know He wants me to quit. It’s a spiritual thing now. I need help n you guys r my last chance. Thanks 


Dominque Archived Profile

Posted by Dominque Jan 23, 2017



God is in control and I pray that HE would take away the desire and not make it hard n to take away the missing it, miserableness, and anything that comes along with quitting! 

My name is Dominque and I have been a smoker since I was 20, I am a light smoker but now I've smoke more.

Im originally from South Philly and am Italian, my likes are pretty much anything that makes me smile

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courageous, fun-loving, n grateful


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san antonio, tx


walking, reading, watching movies


jack of all trades, master of none

Storm, you really hit home for me.  YES I am STRONGER than my past!  I set my date for 8/22/15 again.....If you can I need some assistance in setting up my clock, can you walk me through it? 

I have been a smoker for 30 years off and on and used to smoke 5-6 cigarettes a day, now I am at 8-10 a day.  I had sugery to remove a large cyst on my left kidney last August due to medicine I took for 20 years.  I quit for 6 weeks and started up again.  Dumb huh?  I am addicted to nicotine and i need help.  As if having this surgery wasnt enough for me to quit!  im depending on God now to take the desire away and to envision life without cigarettes and looking forward to what doors the Lord will open for me when I decide to get rid of this nasty habit.  Please keep the motivational messages coming.....thanks


To become an EX

Posted by Dominque Dec 11, 2014

Hi I am a smoker of 30 years off and on....I joined becoming an EX and set my quit date as of today, which never happened.  I have a choice right this moment to smoke my last smoke and/or go and buy another pack.  I've quit for 6 weeks this past september and can't seem to get back on the horse