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Angered and Annoyed

Posted by Deena-A.-Yenni Jan 27, 2014

I want to apologize for venting here yesterday but boy did I receive a lot of good input and responses and ideas.  I'm still angered but I just read where my brain is angry because I want a cigarette and am not giving myself one.  Whew.  What a relief.  This is just a stage in my recovery.  Don't recall this stage on my last quits which has been eleven.  I'm having a hot beverage in preparation for my shower.  After my shower I'll have my evening meal.  My water intake has been zero these last two days and that could be a reason for my anger as well.  Must protect my quit.  Angry or not.


Feeling annoyed

Posted by Deena-A.-Yenni Jan 26, 2014

I went to the movies with a friend who still smokes and drinks.  I was annoyed all through the movie that I had to smell that awful smell of stale cigs and booze.  I even left the movie early because I couldn't stand it much more...and what do I do upon leaving the movie??  I contemplate buying a pack of cigs with the four dollars I had left over from the film and popcorn and a drink.  The good news??  I didn't.  But.  I'm still annoyed.  What a twist of fate.  Luckily I have had experience with relapsing many times in the past and got through the binge.  I hope that my annoyance will lift to relief pretty soon.  And the moral of the story is.  Stay away from people who use because I can't handle it.  Thanks for letting me vent.


My 11th relapse

Posted by Deena-A.-Yenni Jan 18, 2014

It's been a while since I've been on inbetween my vacation where I slipped up and my computer being down but I'm back on the wagon.  I quit again at the beginning of this year and am very happy with my decision.  This quit has been very forgiving.  I feel on top of things this time around.  I was very unhappy with myself for my last relapse and very hard on myself until I finally quit again.  Perhaps this is why I feel so good now.  I'm exercising and eating well.  The only thing I could work on is taking is more water.  I don't know why this is so difficult for me to do but as long as I'm not smoking I'm fine with it.  Thanks for being there and I'm very glad to be back so I can read how everyone's doing.  Keep blogging.