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Blog Post created by debra on Oct 10, 2014

sThere used to be a live chat page here on EX where members could "talk" in real time. I don't see it anymore. Is there still one?

Ok, Sep 1 through Sep 3 ---- I was in our local hospital on continuos cardiac and oxygen monitoring. Scared me enough that I quit for six days. But then --- you know. I set Oct 1 as my quit date, put on the patch and went out the door, Only 18 hours of "success" and the craving(s) became a constant voice in my head. They say the cravings pass, and I find that somewhat true. But of course, I HAD to have a cigarette. By the way, I have been coming here for over six months and I keep promising to quit, then re-set my quit date when I fail. I keep telling myself I will save money by not smoking. I tell myself "an oxygen canula is not, and never will be, a fashion trend". I have left my ciggs at home for the day, but then there is no stopping me from having that one I waited all day for. On Oct 1, I went to the pledge board with strong resolve and promised not to smoke for the next 24 hours. Then, when I broke that promise after only 18 hours, I did not return to promise (pledge) again. :-( Today is the 9th and I should have 9 days smoke-free. Why do I keep failing?? Any suggestions and/or advice is welcomed with gratitude.