Relay for Life

Blog Post created by dawn4 on Apr 22, 2012

Last night was our community's annual "Relay for Life" event .  Briefly, RFL is the primary fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  

Our family became involved in RFL several years ago, well before my first diagnosis and cure from cervical cancer, well before my current diagnosis of multiple myeloma, and certainly before my cousin's son's death last year from lymphoma.

Last night as we arrived for the event, it began raining; pouring; lightning and thunder brought us in from the fields.....we prayed for a brief rain-delay, but that was not to be the case.  OUR Relay for Life was held under the bleachers this year!  Survivors were still honored; hugs and tears were still apparent as the roll-call of those who passed since our last gathering were shared.  I'm grateful to be here again to participate in this truly special event.  If you have not participated in RFL in your community, check it out......just find one and drop by- you can do a zip code search  on the relay for life web-page.   BRING some cash; you may find "dinner" or ice cream,  You'll enjoy the FUN; the compassion and love between strangers. The lumanaria and HOPE which light the night are not to be missed!  God's blessings...........