Cancer Conference, ETC!

Blog Post created by dawn4 on Feb 5, 2012

On Friday and Saturday I was very blessed to attend the International Myeloma Foundation Patient and Family Seminar in Boca Raton. Not once throughout the weekend did I see or smell any evidence of smoking on the property - including the parking lot!!!!   What a joy!!! 

ETC!!!!  I'm observing a plethora of new quitters...... I dont even have the energy right now to read them all, let alone reply to each one individually!!!!    To the "newbies", I'm so glad that you are here!  This community helped to save my life!!  You will hear many suggestions from others who have "been there, done that".  Please listen to their comments.  Not ALL will apply to you, but most will  whether you want to believe it or not.  It has been my experience that those who are smoke FREE, who actually stick around the Ex site have ONE purpose in doing so............to pay it forward.   To offer to you what they were given.  ( I believe that this is what Tommy calls, collateral kindness.)  Their ONLY goal is to see you succeed in YOUR quit.  You will be given many additional resources, reading suggestions, web-sites, etc.  Some Ex-ers will treat you with kid-gloves. Others may demonstrate uncomfortable levels of tough-love.  LISTEN TO THEM ALL! 

Cigarette smoking is an addiction.  Inform yourself of addiction in general and nicotine specifically.  There are many physical, psychological and emotional components to withdrawal.  Be patient. Be kind to yourself those first days and weeks.  If you have worked a 12 step program or Celebrate Recovery in the past....those programs are just as useful in nicotine recovery!  Join the New Daily Pledge Group and post there everyday!  (there is a link on my profile page or you can find it by clicking the "Groups" tab at the top of the page.)

One tool that I found effective was reading the entire blogs of those who had SUCCESSFUL quits, starting at their beginning to most current (SEE Kellie's blog.)  This helped to answer some of my questions and gave me strength and encouragement in my quit. 

I think that the one shared trait that I have observed in successful quits is a positive ATTITUDE, it seems that those who tend to exhibit a positive attitude enjoy an easier quit.  THAT does NOT mean if you struggle with your quit, you can't be successful, just read Tommy's profile page, "kicking and screaming"! 

Anyways, I'm getting a bit long-winded here.  Welcome!  You CAN do this!!!  And your life will never ever be the same.  You will find so many "extra" blessings that come with smoke FREE, things you never even fathomed! 

And remember, we are here to help you in this journey!   WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!