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Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Sep 19, 2020

If it is one thing I miss the most after I left Romania to take the world on stride, and end up in AZ, is my friends.

Of course our current social media helps us keep in touch, but there is nothing which can replace holding a hand or giving a hug, or offering to help in any other way, when a friend needs us.


I've known her my whole life, she is 2 years older than me, her brother was my best friend. 

She got married, had a daughter, but she was the most fragile of the family. 

Our parents were friends before the 3 of us were born.

She lost her brother, and my best friend, 2 years ago, he was 60. 

Then about 1 year after, her dad passed away; despite a lot of health issues he overcame through the years, the loss of his son killed the dad; he did not want to survive any longer.


Now her mom is bed ridden and my friend is taking care of her.  I've been thinking of her the whole week, but the time difference isn't helping in finding the right moment to call.

I called her today; we spent 30min on the phone, she gave me the details of her struggle with taking care of her mom; about 20 years ago, my friend was the most fragile; chronic inflammation of the discs in the cervical section was causing her horrible migraines, she even had to have surgery to relieve some of them.  The whole family was helping her get through every day.  And now she remains to be the strongest of all.  


Why the story, why today of all days?


Because as we need a support system as EX-smokers, so we need that support in our own lives, and friends are part of it.  Today I wish I could fly and land at her home to help her, one day, one week, relief some of the burden she is carrying alone.


For those of you who have friends, please guard them with all your heart, all your might, because they will be your pillars of support during difficult times. And if you can't do more for them, a phone call might just provide the minute relief they need.

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