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Can I write a blog when I am low, after the beautiful "Miss Optimistic" Lady J wrote for me?


So you all know my knees have been hurting for a while (since the Fall of 2016), that I've been in PT and Chiropractic care at the end of last year for a good stretch of time.  No change.  Mostly my right knee is blocking in pain after about 10 min of normal, to slow walking.  So gone are my long walks making me feel great about myself, and which helped so much at the beginning of my quit.


Family doctor put me on the list for an ortho surgeon, and after only 3 months of waiting, I finally saw him today.


Meanwhile, about 3 weeks ago, while trying to push a dresser around something snapped in my back and I've been in pain of the sciatic nerve, right leg, all this time.  Of course no one would offer me a painkiller, God forbid I become one of their statistics.  What they don't want to look at is that people in chronic pain can make the statistics of suicide, before they can become addicted.


Instead of working on my weight to lighten up the weight on the knee, being in pain for so long, I allowed myself to eat all kind of crap (read comforting stuff) and managed to gain another 6-7 lbs on top of already overweight myself.


I let my family doctor know the driving to and from work is extremely difficult since I use my right leg, and sit on the sciatic, inflamed nerve, she added a X-ray of the pelvis where you could see the osteo-arthritis and lumbar scoliosis explaining my pain.


Yet, all I got from the ortho doctor was a shot of Cortisone in my right knee and he recommendation to take OTC anti-inflammatory (Aleve) which I have been doing on my own anyways.  Oh, and I forget, the osteoarthritis won't get any better no matter what, so I am heading towards knee replacement surgery, sooner or later. Not there yet, I guess I need to suffer for several years before that becomes a solution.


And of course nothing about the Sciatica pain.  I have to see a Neurologist for that (probably wait for another 3 months?).  When in the world, a nerve compression by a bone can't be looked at by an Ortho specialist?

I came home so frustrated, and I still am.


Is any of you , since so many are in chronic pain, on Medical Marijuana?

It is legalized in AZ, and I am discussing it with my son, but I would love to hear from someone who is using it for pain, and if it helps as I hear it does.


Ask me if I would like to have a smoke right now! 


Oh, yes I would, but I keep making the choice to preserve what's left of this body. It's an illusion that smoking takes the pain away; it doesn't, we expect that from our doctors, and too many times, much like me today, are left to our own devices.