Time to come clean

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You think I been a naughty girl, don't you???  I just felt like playing with the title today.  This is an update on my health challenges!


Some of the things which kept me away this week from the site were dealing with lab tests, and dr's appointments, including at least 1h work (and 30min commute) to the PT place.


And here is how I came out of this week: Hepatologist, AST, ALT enzymes very slowly going down, very slowly but better than last visit in February.  Endocrinologist lab:  Thyroid tests ok, the autoimmune marker is down, far from normal, but down from 600 to something like 465, A1C is down from 7.1 to 6.8 (in 3 months), and totally unexpected, the Lipid panel is in normal ranges. All of the above are signs my dietary efforts (gluten free, low fat, and milk free) are paying off, but there is one thing which did not budge: the weight.  No gain, no loss in the last 6 months. But I know, even if I am cooking healthy, I do not exercise enough portion control.  The visit to the Endocrinologist is next Thursday, I'll tell you more about that.


When I lose about 20-30 pounds, many of my health issues would be resolved. So yesterday, again (I've done it several times in the last 10 years or so) I signed up for Weight Watchers. Wish me luck this time.


Today I attempted a little walk; it was painful, but not out of this world, so I pushed through for 25 minutes.  For that I had to ice the right knee twice so far.  Maybe I'll buy a bicycle, it is not so hard for the knee, and there is enough road in my neighborhood where I could pedal pretty protected from traffic.


Much like you Nancy, Youngatheart.7.4.12,  am a little disappointed with the lack of progress after 4 weeks, 3 times/week in PT.  I also swim 3-4/week.  Monday is the first evaluation, but they seem to be doing all they can to get me better: shots around the painful area with some kind of local anesthetic, followed by targeted massage therapy, I used many of their stretching machines, and I end with the realignment in the Chiropractor's office.  At home, I also make an effort to get on the floor and execute the exercises they recommended.  I will let you all know what they say.  The pain is higher when I walk, but is also spontaneous, I can feel it shooting down now, as I write.


But enough with the whining, this was meant to be an update, and I end up complaining.


Here, I am doing better (the labs say so), I need to start writing down what I eat come Monday, listen to the PT office, and the Endocrinologist and make a decision if I continue the PT therapy or just do the exercises on my own.


You all take care!



PS the little 

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is telling me, "as a smoker, you increase your metabolism by 10%, helping your weight loss", but I answer N.O.P.E!!!