Need advice from diabetics, and fast

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Aug 9, 2018

Trying not to beat myself up, but here are the facts: 


1. last night we had a big monsoon storm in Tempe, 100miles/hour winds, dust, rain; the pets were going nuts

2. we lost power at 8 pm, did not get it back till 3 am, outside even after the rain stopped the temps were in mid-80s and lots of humidity, no relief opening the windows

3. once the AC started, everyone fell asleep, I got about 4h before my kitty woke me up

4. internet and landline were down, could not work (my day to wfh), texted my boss about the situation and promise we'll get the service at about 10

5. decided to eat, I was tired and stressed, and whatever, no reason, I had bread and cookies (did not count them, but they were a lot) and 2 cups of coffee

6.slept for 1h, got a text from the internet provider the service was re-established and started working at about 10:00 am

7. feeling dizzy and a headache, took the BP, high at 170/110, with a pulse of 95

8. took the blood sugar 370/ml, never ever in my life had it registered so high (and I had taken 2X500mg Metformin before going to take a nap)

9. drinking lots of water, can't exercise because of the knee, can't even go out for a little walk (too hot and humid), can't get in the pool (terribly dirty from the storm)

10.  blood sugar keeps rising, the second time it was 386/ml.


What do I do, can I wait it out, i am still dizzy, but BP and pulse came down in almost normal ranges!


Can use any sensible advice from my friends, thank you!