Deep breathing

Blog Post created by Daniela2016 on Mar 8, 2018

Deep breathing saved me today.


The drive home from work seems to be one of the most challenging things the addict in me has to face.  And if I leave work at earlier times, sometimes 2-3 PM, it's all good.  But if I have to drive in heavy traffic, at pick times, like today, then it becomes challenging to say the least.


I do not drive and text, keep the talking on the phone to a minimum, so my mind starts wondering.  And I thought about the time my furry girl and I have left to love each other, we are already on borrowed time...


And then I was missing something, I felt it deep in me, in the pit of my stomach, and it took maybe 10-20 seconds until I realized what I was "missing".


Luckily the road was far from a business complex or a gas station.


And my brain finally gave me signs it was still working: I started deep breathing, I opened the window on my side, and started looking around to the other drivers.


This is what we are: addicts who have to keep the guard up at all times, and use the tools which work for each of us the best; deep breathing saved me today.