We are here for you and for us

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Feb 24, 2018

Some of you find some of our blogs silly, you might feel we are wasting your time, or we do not understand what you are going through your first day, first week, first month.

You might feel we don't respond fast enough, or we don't get what you are trying to convey, or based on what we publish that we are here just to have fun, and have not a care in the world, those of us elders.

But we are here for several reasons:

1. some of us are trying to hit the right area in your brain, which will change and make it real, easy and permanent, your quit that is: read Dale's blogs;

2. others are bringing the latest available information about our common addiction: read Thomas'

3. some of us are pouring out their hearts, life experiences: Ellen's, Giulia's, Larry's

4. some are always positive, and repeat our mantras with the objective it will stick with whomever needs them: Marylin's

5 others are here to help you navigate the site: Mark, Jennifer, Shaw

6.some are maintaining the Daily Pledge, or the Freedom train (Shawn, Jennifer, Missy, Sharon, sorry for not listing you all)

7. or some like Nancy, Missy or Pati, or me, are here to bring smiles, laughs, to play silly games, to speak about food, habits, cultural differences.

Newbies please understand:

1. we've been all through what you are going through right now, because there is no other way out, but through it

2. some of us have full time jobs, so if we are late, please understand it is not intentional

3. understanding the addiction is key to a successful quit

4. nobody can quit for you, but if something can trigger a change in your way of thinking about quitting, it can make the difference between failing and succeding

5. opening up our lives to you is to show you how much we care and how much we want to help, even if the price to pay is painting our life on a canvas for you; and sometimes that requires a lot of courage and dedication

6. helping your navigate this site is opening doors to knowledge, ability to observe while also responding commenting, saving precious, guiding blogs

7.the time you read a joke, the time you play a game, the time to take to respond represent that many minutes of your day when you do not think of smoking, you do not feel the crave, smiling is also releasing dopamine and makes you feel good

And what's in it for us???  You might see most of the participating elders have quit after many years of smoking.  Do you think it was easier for us than it is for you?  Wrong!!!  We are here, selfishly to maintain our own quits, to learn more about staying quit, and make sure we prevent any relapse.  But we are also here selflessly for you, the newbies, to hep, guide, educate, hug, or shake, do whatever it takes to keep you in the right path to freedom.

And as we always say: take what you need, leave the rest.