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Ellen elvan mentioned one night she was going to watch "Grey's anatomy" and many of you concurred it's a great show.  Now I am addicted.

One episode I watched last night made me think about what I was told here, and never realized I was doing it while being a smoker.

One of the characters, a very nice gentleman, in his early 50s, is admitted for Small cell lung cancer and COPD which invaded the pleura, he needed surgery to help him breathe.  He is a former smoker,  His chances of survival were only 25%.

And he wants to say his "good bye", having one of the interns record his speech.

As it turned out, all the said good byes were telling bitter truths to many people in his life.

And he is the one saying it: "my whole life I stuffed down all my feelings", I want everyone to know how I really felt.

The surgery was successful, but he still wanted to mail the tapes with his confessions.

Do you think if he were not a smoker, he could have contained all these feelings for a whole life time?

Of course, I know this is fiction, and you might ask, what is the relevance?  I believe the scenario is been written by a former smoker, and created to prompt reflection about smoking.

My 2 cents for the day!

Just got a text from Ellen, happy to report:


"Just spoke w/surgeon, will be at least 30-45 minutes before "closing" then recovery for about another hour, then they will let us see him.  Will try to extubate by 6 or so, heart is NOT badly damaged, they were able to do a triple"


Great news!


4:35 EST 

Ellen thanks every one for the prayers&love sent. 

They were extubating her husband and she saw the pretty impressive incision, and also the 3 graft sites.  Their son and family are with Ellen now, but she is in pain from using the cane.

Sootie, I passed on your message to speak with the hospital for some home care help while he is in re-hab, and Ellen says an extended family member works at the hospital and will help with the request, also they will address it with Medicare.

I know we played the alphabet game with different subject/object, how about today we list emotions and activities around quitting and making it successful?

And I will start with

ANTICIPATION we feel while awaiting the quit day, getting mentally and physically ready for it!


678 DOF

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Jan 18, 2018

Some days I forget, because I know what kind of choice I will be making every day when it comes to smoking.  Even when a thought of smoking enters my mind, I have my own answer to that, and it is NOPE.

Doing the pledge forces me to go find out what the DOF is today.  And today it is 678!

Another number in my quit that I like, now looking forward for 700, 777, 789….:)

How do I feel at 678 DOF?

I feel free

I feel blessed with a son who helped me make the decision to be free

I feel proud of reaching 678

I feel grateful for all of you at EX helping me reach 678

I feel thankful for being able to contribute here

I feel excited for everyone who has a number to celebrate

I feel happy every day when I hold a new hand to do a pledge, or one who held mine many times

I feel I am a better person than I was 678 days ago

Because I am honest with myself

Because I am respecting my family

Because I made so many new friends

Because I will be here to make even more

Image result for celebrate, animated


Not much else to say but stay with us!!!


What would it be?

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Jan 10, 2018

A life of freedom, or a life in chains

Let the addiction govern your brains?

Beautiful health, or a bunch of pains

Never to heal, only get worse?

Family time, or cold solitude

Responding yes, you have my servitude

Nasty addiction, hurting my life

Less of a husband, less of a wife,

Less of a mom, less of a dad,

Less of a friend, slave to the bad

Evil and stinky, taking my head!

But you know it, as well as I do,

It is only up to you!

Not easy that first day

But getting easier if you stay!

Please let us be part

Of your journey, please start!

Make the right choice for yourself

We’ll be here, and happy to help.

PS  Please forgive me if the phrasing is a little off, this is my first attempt at poetry in English and it is for this site and its people who guided me to reach 670 Days of Freedom today, Thank you!

Who would have thought 666 days ago that I would be here today writing about the freedom from smoking?

Not me, and yet, here I am.

When I stopped I was hopeful, but not very sure I’ll succeed. I was not prep for the quit.

I got sick one day, bad bronchitis, hard to breath in air, let alone smoke. And I thought: “I’ll take this as my clue”.

And it worked for a little over one month, on my own, using patches for a couple of weeks, then the e-cigarette, doing what I thought best to stay away from smoking.

And I came here, and a whole new world opened the doors for me. The world of knowledge, acceptance, guidance, curiosity and support.  Knowing I am not alone, knowing I can call someone when I need to.  Absorbing all the knowledge served on a silver platter every day, and correcting my course of action based on it.

666 is not a recognized milestone, but it is for me! It is a place where I can stop for a minute, think about how far I have come, and express my gratitude for the helping hands who guided me on this journey.

Daniela 666 DOF

When our quit falls way lower on the priority list.

There comes a time when life’s demands come first and we go on solving them without a thought about smoking.

There are times we experience illness, sadness, joy, and hard work and we do it all without thinking of smoking.

We are forever smokers who chose not to smoke, for we all know there is not such thing as just one cigarette. We need forever to live by the NOPE (Not one puff ever).

But, there comes a time when life goes on without a thought of smoking, day, after day, after day.

Please, if you are in your first week, the second, in NML or just out of it, please believe that a time will come when you will feel disconnected from smoking.

Daniela 665 DOF