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In the subconscious mind; over which we have very little power.


And look at the picture (by Dr Joe Dispenza) of our minds.


To me it explains why it is so hard to quit.


Also why meditation helped me quitting; and/or any other activity which allows one to access the subconscious mind (deep state of relaxation brought by music, painting, dancing, whatever helps the mind stay in the now, and forget the old emotions, beliefs, routine activities) and modify the patterns residing in it.


Take what you need, leave the rest.



From an article by MICHELLE MAROS

Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life's Creative Director and resident writer. 


“I’m realistic. I expect miracles.” – Wayne Dyer

I really love miracles, and honestly I expect miracles every single day.

This sentence may have many of you scratching your heads because when many of us think of miracles we think of people walking on water or curing incurable diseases. Which, yes, those are miracles as well. The miracles that I encounter daily are the miracles of the mind and spirit.

I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles a lot lately, and it has taught me so much about true miracles. From this text, I’ve learned that miracles are a shift of perception from fear to love. A miracle is an act of love; a remembrance of who we truly are. From this vantage point, maybe you begin to see why I started this week’s blog off in saying that I expect miracles daily.

You may be wondering now how you too can experience miracles in your daily life. So here is a quick miracle checklist I’ve put together for you:

  • Meditate daily
  • Set powerful, positive intentions
  • Practice present moment living
  • When stressed, remember that you can choose your thoughts and reactions
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • Remember that love is our true purpose
  • Forgive others
  • Forgive yourself
  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • Trust that life unfolds as it should

These are just a few ideas to get you started in the miracle mindset! I think you will find that when you incorporate these tips into your life you absolutely will find yourself more in the flow of life, which brings a sense of inner peace, abundance, and pure joy “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” – A Course in Miracles


I hope these resonate with you as they did with me.  Because no one but ourselves are the creators of our ever day. It is our intent and reactions making us happy or sad, accepting or mad, loving or indifferent.

Quitting smoking is a miracle.

May every day bring you miracles.





Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 May 2, 2019

What are you grateful to have in your life?


I am thankful for everything I have in my life

I am grateful for the pain I once felt because it made me stronger and wiser

I am grateful for the pain I will feel in the future because it brings me closer to my dreams

I am so grateful now that I have received my desires

I have the courage to follow my dreams

I trust my intuition to make the right decisions

I create more opportunities in my life

Taking action is easy and effortless for me

I am able to let go and follow my heart's desire

I attract my desire in unexpected ways

I now let this go and let the Universe manifest my desires into my life



Image result for about gratitude

Image result for about gratitude

Image result for about gratitude

Image result for about gratitude

Image result for about gratitude

Image result for about gratitude

Image result for about gratitude


May your day be filled with love and gratitude

Daniela 1147 DOF

Big word for a terrible syndrome. I had to look it up, did not know what it meant.


Last night Sebastian, my son, told me the story of one of their friends, I believe their closest couple of friends; we met them at our kids' wedding, very nice people.  2 years ago Kay, the young 35-36 years old friend, after dinner together with our kids, started feeling tingling in her hands; she did not  think much about it, she went to bed; got up in the middle of the night attempting to walk to the bathroom, she fell, she was already paralyzed.  Took her to the hospital, and she spend 3 months in ICU, her paralysis was approaching her eyes, had already touched her diaphragm, she was on the respirator; after 3 months they transferred her into a Rehab facility where she spent another 9 months, then she came home.


She has recovered 90% of her motor abilities, still hopes for full recovery, not sure if that will happen.  The cause of the syndrome is not known, but it is another auto-immune disease, attacking the envelope around the nerves.  Many people don't recover, they die in the first 24 hours of onset;  it's been speculated Napoleon might have died of it, based on the diaries around his death. 


Others like Kay do recover, the younger the faster, but it takes a while, and no certitude she'll make a full recovery.  Sebastian, for the time their friend was in rehab, went to take dinner over and spend time with them at least twice/week.  Her husband, a computer programmer, lived and worked out of the Rehab center. They don't have any kids, and are not sure if she'll ever be able to carry.  I asked my son why he never mentioned it to me; he said I was fighting my own health issues, he did not want to overload me emotionally.  And he is right, thinking of Kay's story, I still have tears in my eyes.

Kay's story made me think of us, and our quit process!  She did not have a choice, she was hit by a terrible illness and paralyzed to her eyes for 3 months.


We have a choice, we can elect to become healthy!


We don't have to go through paralysis, or rehab, we can start quitting whenever we make the decision to do so. The withdrawal symptoms we experience, are nothing compared to being paralyzed.


We don't have to wait to be put on a respirator; one can quit today, one can quit now.


Looking at a young person, and the hardship her and her family had to carry for almost 2 years, I have to ask the question: why doesn't one quit?


Why do we have to wait so long to quit, when we already know the destructive effects on our health?


Kay did not have a choice, the syndrome hit her in several hours, and her life changed forever.  She did not smoke, or did drugs, she was a healthy,  young and active, having a healthy lifestyle young woman.  No one knows what did trigger her anti-bodies to attack her own nerves.


But we know too well what the destruction smoking can cause in our bodies.


Quitting smoking is a choice; if you haven't yet, please make the choice now.


Become a healthier person, able to look forward for more wonderful years and events in your life.


Become an EX, it is a choice, please make it!


Because when I think of Kay's story relative to quitting smoking, it will be a nonsense decision to keep smoking with us here, willing to help at every step, all it takes is a little wake up call and the commitment to stay quit!


I hope you'll quit today!


Daniela 1145 DOF

The Orthodox Easter!

The Romanian religious calendar follows the Orthodox Julian calendar.

This year Easter  falls on April 28.

We started preparing for it, mom, with just a little help from me, got the eggs colored yesterday:

Our son arrives tonight and he will spend some time with us, leaving on Tuesday night.

We'll enjoy traditional Romanian meals, we might go for a hike in the desert, which for now is in full bloom and just enjoy each other's presence, 


You all have a great weekend!



PS Smoking is not part of the Orthodox Easter tradition, so it will be no smoking at our home this weekend



Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Apr 24, 2019

Can I write a blog when I am low, after the beautiful "Miss Optimistic" Lady J wrote for me?


So you all know my knees have been hurting for a while (since the Fall of 2016), that I've been in PT and Chiropractic care at the end of last year for a good stretch of time.  No change.  Mostly my right knee is blocking in pain after about 10 min of normal, to slow walking.  So gone are my long walks making me feel great about myself, and which helped so much at the beginning of my quit.


Family doctor put me on the list for an ortho surgeon, and after only 3 months of waiting, I finally saw him today.


Meanwhile, about 3 weeks ago, while trying to push a dresser around something snapped in my back and I've been in pain of the sciatic nerve, right leg, all this time.  Of course no one would offer me a painkiller, God forbid I become one of their statistics.  What they don't want to look at is that people in chronic pain can make the statistics of suicide, before they can become addicted.


Instead of working on my weight to lighten up the weight on the knee, being in pain for so long, I allowed myself to eat all kind of crap (read comforting stuff) and managed to gain another 6-7 lbs on top of already overweight myself.


I let my family doctor know the driving to and from work is extremely difficult since I use my right leg, and sit on the sciatic, inflamed nerve, she added a X-ray of the pelvis where you could see the osteo-arthritis and lumbar scoliosis explaining my pain.


Yet, all I got from the ortho doctor was a shot of Cortisone in my right knee and he recommendation to take OTC anti-inflammatory (Aleve) which I have been doing on my own anyways.  Oh, and I forget, the osteoarthritis won't get any better no matter what, so I am heading towards knee replacement surgery, sooner or later. Not there yet, I guess I need to suffer for several years before that becomes a solution.


And of course nothing about the Sciatica pain.  I have to see a Neurologist for that (probably wait for another 3 months?).  When in the world, a nerve compression by a bone can't be looked at by an Ortho specialist?

I came home so frustrated, and I still am.


Is any of you , since so many are in chronic pain, on Medical Marijuana?

It is legalized in AZ, and I am discussing it with my son, but I would love to hear from someone who is using it for pain, and if it helps as I hear it does.


Ask me if I would like to have a smoke right now! 


Oh, yes I would, but I keep making the choice to preserve what's left of this body. It's an illusion that smoking takes the pain away; it doesn't, we expect that from our doctors, and too many times, much like me today, are left to our own devices.



Bad, Bad Monday...

Started with getting coffee all over me, desk, keyboard....took a while to clean it up and for the smell to go away; I love coffee, but fresh in my cup, not stale on my clothes...

Then work issues, questions, expectations, demands, unhappy co-workers, confused me and co-workers...

To the point I even forgot to call mom in the window of time she is used to me calling...

I called her later, she was fine.

If I were still a smoker, today I would have had at least 12 by this time of the day, if not more.

As an EX, I didn't even think about smoking before I asked myself: "who in this world would would be patient to hear what a terrible Monday I had, oh, my friends at EX"

Mondays can be good, Mondays can be bad.  Everybody survives (even though I threatened my boss with a heart attack).  Smokers and EX have Mondays, but if you still smoke, your risk of a heart attack in such Monday can really double...

Glad it's almost over...

One more email, and I am out of here.

Everybody have a great evening!

Image result for crazy day at work

Now, as we are awaiting such an important event in Christianity, can I please ask you, the you, who've been studying religious books, where is the expression "the patience of a saint" coming from?  Because I am nowhere near to find out.


But I am asking you, the same you, how much a human’s patience can be stretched before we reach the etheric patience of a saint?


Yesterday I was on PTO, and decided to dedicate the day off to mom:


At 8:30am we were at the X-ray place, after that she wanted to go shopping, but was hungry, she does not like to go to restaurants, so we came home, grabbed something to eat, then went shopping; she promised me we'll check out at least 2 stores to find a pair of jeans she likes.  After 45 min in a SteinMart, she was done, we walked out with 2 pairs of sleepers (she changed her mind about one, I need to take it back), and some pretty Easter napkins.


Once home, I started calling the pharmacy for a new inhaler the specialist prescribed for her, they have not gotten the call, called the Dr's office, took a short nap.


Then it was time for her pedicure, as professional as one unprofessional me can offer.


Then out again I went, to reach 2 different pharmacies (one of them closing at 6 pm, where mom is on a program by her primary doctor, and her inhaler only cost $50.00 for a while, now the generic is available, so we only pay $15.00.  We had to buy a couple of months using the Canadian drugs pharmacy, and it cost $250.00/month).


Got to give mom credit for fixing some cabbage for dinner, then TV, and she went to bed.


But every single morning, no matter how the prior day was, how many things/drugs to fix things we were able to get, some fun we had, every morning there has to be something negative about the day or the night before.


When swimming in the ocean of negativity, it feels as swimming in mud, and it takes so long to get to at least a neutral point to start the day.


Meditation helped me with cravings, meditation is helping my life every day.


If you are new to quitting, and never thought about it, just give it a try.  There are so many choices out there on YouTube, one of them can work for you, many work for me.


Have a wonderful weekend, and the patience of a saint, you never know who needs your help!

That almost happen to me as I was entering my car back from shopping.  The pack of cigarettes was empty, hard cover, and flattened by many cars parking over it. And somehow I stepped on it, and felt my left leg sliding; thankfully I was already 3 inches over my car seat.  No harm done.


But I looked at the pack, thought about the smoker who discarded the empty pack there, and thought, he/she would have been so much better if they did ....

Image result for crushed cigarette pack

this instead.

Then, I got out of the car, picked it up, and took it back to the trash...where it belongs.


Don't fall over a Pall Mall...


A better world

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Apr 12, 2019

Has less smokers because of you

Has less addicts because of you

Has less sick people because of you 

Has happier people because of you

Has increased longevity because of you

Has more family quality time because of you

Has better quality of air because of you

Has friendlier interactions because of you

Has better smelling elevator air because of you

Has less early wrinkles because of you

Has happier childhoods because of you

Has more flights to and from grand-kids because of you

Has more love and less disputes because of you


All of the above and more because you decided to be an EX


And you decided to be a better you

Not even considering how much better the world becomes 




Image result for imagine a better world

Yesterday was filled with tension and a vibe of adversity of some kind.

Let's start the day on a different note, hoping things will again work for the best for all of us.


Happy Tuesday to all!

Image result for about adversity and how to overcome it

Image result for about adversity and how to overcome it

Image result for about adversity and how to overcome it

Image result for about adversity and how to overcome it

Image result for about adversity and how to overcome it

Image result for love and compassion

Image result for love and compassion

Image result for love and compassion

Sorry for not being very present lately.

But these days I have a hard time sitting down: at work, at home, or the worse: in the car, using the right leg.


More than 1 week ago I hurt my back, again.  Not by mistake, but by stupidity.  Attempting to push a dresser by myself; I've done it so many times in the past, but I guess it kept getting loaded with heavy stuff.  And I kept trying till I felt the sciatic nerve screaming, STOP.  It was a little late. 


Not going to the doctors, I know what it is, taking muscle relaxants, and lots of Advil, stretching 2/day, seeing a massage therapist today, hopefully she can work some magic.

I just thought I'll stop by to explain my scarce presence lately.


Yep, that's where the pain is, and going down all the way to the knee.

Don't look below if you hate medical images.






















Image result for sciatic nerve

Take it if it works for you, leave it if it does not.


Healing thoughts

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Mar 26, 2019

Some of our members are going through some hard times right now.

Here is for them, may the images help with the healing process, may it be physical, or emotional, or both.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Image result for beautiful images

Image result for blessings

Image result for beautiful images

Image result for blessings

Image result for beautiful images

Image result for blessings

Image result for beautiful images


A new friend

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Mar 24, 2019

Even if my heart is longing for grand kids, I am happy for my "kids" they decided to adopt a dog.


Marley was a stray in Puerto Rico, and somehow made safe to a shelter in Boston.  He is a beautiful boy, full of energy, and did good going into his crate for the night.  He started claiming the couch as his   They will have some work to do if they don't want him there. 


He is 18 months, about 40 pounds and growing, I am happy for them, and hopeful this is their first step  committing to take care of someone else other than themselves!!!