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We had to say good bye to Xena today, one of our 4 furry kids.  Xena was a 19 years old cat, a warrior princess, and the leader of the pack. She passed peacefully in my arms, and she will forever live in our memories.

Here they all are, Xena is the one on the right.  May you RIP baby girl, mama is going to miss you every day.

First monsoon storm of the season: dust, rain, hail.  Temps dropped from 110 to 71 in a matter of minutes.  Wind at the airport 100 miles/hour.

And me, and many others trying to drive home, stretches of road with no place to wait it out.  Fallen trees across 2 lanes of the opposite sense. Light signal down at a 3 lanes each way, no patience, no priority, everybody crossing at their own risk. 40,000 customers so far with no power.  


What do you think I was thinking??? I can't count how many drives like this in my past I was able to smoke, 1, 2 sometimes even 3 cigarettes, risking an accident with every single one.  You can see I took the pics while waiting at the red light...otherwise I did not take my eyes off the road. 

How many chances as a smoker, to risk my own life and potential other innocent people's, just to satisfy the screaming, ragging addiction???

As I was approaching home, it was raining so heavily, I had to stop at a gas station, to wait it out, and I used their bathroom.  Of course I am polite enough to buy something.  You all spoke so much about the sour patch kids, I grabbed a pack and while paying, what do I have to look at???  Rows and rows of packs of cigarettes.  I left the lady about 50% tip on my pack of little candies, and made it home chewing on them.


Lurkers, please quit. 

Newbies, it is possible to survive the craves. 

Elders, thank you for helping me get home today.

We've all heard it here, more than once lately, that this community is no longer "fun", that we've lost the closeness we use to have on the old platform, which was just a little 1 1/2 year ago (don't remember exactly).


But we can't leave it to anyone else to be in charge of having fun here, but ourselves.  Let's play a game and discover how many more fun things, activities,  we can see, find, share with family and friends




find Amusing pics and share with my friends

Why I could not get rid of the smell of stale cigarette, heavy smoke...I smelled it continuously...

I blamed my old car, my clothes, and thought I got rid of it for a minute: smelling coffee grinds, Jackie taught me that one.

But the smell came back in my nostrils, and stayed with me for several days.


It was when I started thinking about the many medications I take, I remembered the symptom started the day of my visit to the Endocrinologist.  You know I am diabetic, and when I am consistent with the quantity and quality of what I eat, I am in a constant state of hunger.  She gave me a supplement to help controlling hunger between meals.It is made by a reputable company and it contains a variety of ingredients, I am not going to name here.  


Just to see what it does, I stopped taking it.  It took a couple of days and my sense of smell came back to normal.


What a relief: I can now smell my own perfume, shampoo, flowers, food cooking.  Of course the reverse is also true, bad smells came back too, but at least I can identify them, and not have to walk around with that horrible, stale, cigarette smell.  I won't say it was a trigger, but it kept the cigarette on my mind all times.


Now, the product worked, it kept me feeling full longer, and I could not find any listed side effects, I will probably start taking it again.


But I figured I'll share with you all, just in case anyone is facing a similar issue.


Happy quitting!


Happy Friday

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Jun 29, 2018

Just stopping by, hoping all is well, congratulating everybody on their way to freedom from smoke, and wishing all a Happy Friday!




Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Jun 26, 2018

Price of Pfizer's smoking-cessation drug Chantix doubles in just 5 years: report | FiercePharma


Pfizer’s smoking-cessation drug Chantix nudged closer to blockbuster status last year, bringing in $997 million in sales—up 18% from 2016. But some portion of that may have come from price hikes, judging from a new report released by GoodRx, an aggregator of pricing and discount information on prescription drugs.

The price of a 30-day supply of Chantix has more than doubled to $485 since 2013, according to GoodRx. Sure, a big proportion of patients do get help paying for the drug from their health plans, but that assistance may not be so generous: Many insurers have relegated the drug to tier 3 status on their formularies, putting patients on the hook for high out-of-pocket costs, GoodRx reports.

“Chantix’s soaring price, coupled with its poor coverage, does not bode well for the estimated 37.8 million Americans who are currently smoking,” wrote GoodRx researcher Tori Marsh in a blog post. “Moreover, tobacco use disproportionally affects low-income populations—those that may not be able to afford to pay for Chantix.” Marsh told FiercePharma that the pricing information came from a “representative sample of U.S. prescription fills,” based on full list prices from pharmacies.


While in NML (meaning I had already accumulated some tools to deal with the craves), many times this saved me: when a crave hit, I would start smiling and thinking "oh good, another crave, another proof I am becoming an EX".  And I kept smiling and telling myself over and over the same thing, till it passed.


Read about NML, and learn to "ride" the crave, don't fight it, deep breathe through it, welcome it, knowing it won't last too long.  Doing so, you won't be exhausted at the end of the day, but happy you have another DOF under your belt!


Happy quitting!

Daniela 833 DOFs

How happy can one get on Friday?

Let use a little help, and make it our happiest day of the week. 

Because no one else is responsible for our happiness but ourselves! 

And before you ask: no, all I drank so far is a 1/2 cup of coffee, I did not party the whole night, nor did I turn mental...(or so I hope).  We are still working today, but it is Friday none the less!!!




Still in the process of finding the best way to reduce my weight, eat healthy, reduce the attack of the antibodies against the thyroid, I ate about 10 pistachio for a snack today. 


And then I thought, how many years will it take me to became the real me, the one inside the shell I built years ago; probably when I started smoking...???


I wanted to fit, I was the laugh of the lot in the mid 70's, because at 18 i did not know how to hold a cigarette, so I started smoking. 


And then I was working in a toxic work environment (the 'beautiful' communist era), and I kept smoking, and adding to my protective shell. 


And then we left, and we were the odd immigrants, some very nice people thinking we were coming from an uncivilized world, never mind we were fluent in their language, and had university degrees, so I kept smoking. 


And then we moved to another country, and we were there invited by their government, yet, when we applied for jobs the locals were selected before us at the same level of skills, because we were immigrants.  And I kept smoking and added to my shell.


So we moved again, and finally found a place where it did not matter we were immigrants, as long as we had the right to work and the skills.  But we had to start rebuilding from nothing, so I kept smoking.


Then a time came when things seemed to have fallen into place, and it was about time to start thinking what do I want to do with my future.  One thing is for sure: I want to be a grand ma!!!  And for that I have to survive; continuing smoking was not likely to help with that! 


I quit smoking, 830 days ago. And I felt the shell cracking from around me: I started changing, learning new things, practices (deep breathing, meditation, yoga), learning about myself.  Yet, still not ready to uncover my real me, I want to be released from my shell, much like a pistachio nut.  But I know I still have a long way to walk to my objective.


But I know I have you, and the learning you share every day, with every blog, comment, laugh, with every little piece of your life you are sharing with all of us, they all make a difference to me.  They all help me grow emotionally, hopefully to the day when the shell will fall off my shoulders, and I will become the nut I want to be


Thank you!



Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Jun 17, 2018

When we quit we need to improve the way we communicate: with ourselves, with family, with friends.

If we are an introvert, yet, we found this support site, we need to push our own limits and learn to open up.

Communication is key to a solid quit!

We need to create our solid story for when we talk to ourselves: "I don't do that anymore, I know it not easy but it's feasible, If others can do it, so can I, I have learned so much about the tools, now I can start applying it, Oh, this crave, I know it won't last long, let me go do something else"

To our family: "I need your understanding and support; I might be difficult to speak to sometimes, but it will pass, I am doing it for me, but mostly for you, I want to be a good mom/dad/grandma/uncle..."

To our friend and supporters here we need to learn to say it and expect feed-back "today it was terrible, why?, I need help, What would you do if, Did that happen to you?.

Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads out there!



Image result for about communication


Be your best friend

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Jun 16, 2018

If you want to quit smoking, you can.  If you want to make it easy, you can.  It is in the power of your mind.

Set it in the right place and you can navigate the quitting journey easier than you think today. Work with your mind, and make it be your best friend!

Smoking is a choice, make it for yourself!





Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert. It also helps you to release anger and be more forgiving (


Do you think we can play the alphabet on just this one emotion which is so beneficial?

We can try and I can start: 



For at least 20 years before quitting I wanted to quit.  But I was scared crazy about letting it go. 

Looking back here are some things I thought I was scared of:


I’ll give up the time with myself; I’d always think, plan, meditate, speak with my dear ones in Heaven, or solve problems over a smoke.  All these can be done, and I am doing them today,  sitting, or standing somewhere by myself


Failure to succeed at quitting; past failed experiences made me doubt I can ever succeed; now I know every single elder here, had gone through many attempts until they finally made it stick


Recognize my addiction, afraid of the way I’d look at myself if I call myself an addict; today the understanding that I have been, I am and will always be an addict helps me stay an EX


I’ll lose my smoking friends: funny thing, about the time I quit smoking I lost them for totally different reasons, which made me understand they were not really friends, just smoking buddies


Now, when I acknowledge my “fears” I realize they were in fact just EXcuses, provided by the “dear” Nicodemon. EXcuses which kept me hurting myself over, and over again for many years.


If any of you are still thinking about quitting, try to become conscious of what’s really keeping you attached to the cigarette, and please know, we’ve been all experiencing the same feelings, but that once you change the way you look at them, everything becomes possible. 


It is in our power to make the choice for a healthier life.

Will try to make it short, even though, as you all know, we, of Latin origins, are long to get to the subject


The trip was emotionally charged with sadness for 2 close family members who are fighting with illness: you already know about my cousin, stage 4 breast cancer.  At least I was there for her for a couple of Dr’s appointments and helped her change her Oncologist for someone more compassionate.  In addition, my mom’s younger sister is probably facing stage 4 bladder cancer, not all results are in, but it is what it looks like today.


The return flight out of Munich to Boston was cancelled.  We have been re-routed to fly out to Newark, and after 8 and some hours of flight, we did not have a gate, so we had to wait in the same chairs for another hour or so.  Stressing out we’ll be losing our connection to Boston, we “ran” through customs, and back through security, just to find out our flight was delayed, first by 1 hour, then 2, finally 3 hours.  We arrived at my son’s home on Saturday at 3 am instead of Friday evening 8 pm.  The last leg was good, to the point mom even took a nap during the 5 h direct flight to Phoenix.


Will you guess how many times I had to say NOPE during the trip?  If not, no problem, I can’t either, but it was many, many times.


Once home, it felt incredible to fall back into the old, comforting habits of cuddling with my pets, using my own shower, finding things where I left them.


And so I thought many times, how good would it feel to fall back into the addiction, to inhale deeply, the way too comfortable smoke…but they were all fleeting thoughts, not really staying long with me because I had the answer ready: “I don’t do that anymore” and that was it.  Difficult or easy to accept, it does not matter because that is what I do today, I do not do “that” anymore.


I apologize for not staying in touch; I will not say I missed connection completely, but I was depending on a neighbor for access,  and my phone did not work in Romania, and now you know where my focus was while at home, along with being at mom’s beck and call.


So here I am, needing a vacation from my trip, looking forward for a potential reunion for the West Coast EX!!!


For the newbies, NOPE means the same thing wherever you are, whatever languages are spoken around you, whenever you travel, please take it with you!