You Have Always Loved To Swim

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 14, 2019

~~Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.~~ Tyler Knott Grayson


I'm not going to be able to come here at all next week.  And of course you'll be fine!!  The elders here are phenomenal and you will have all the knowledge and support you could ever want   But I wanted to leave you with something that's been on my mind lately as I read about relapses, anger, loss, and confusion.


Please keep it in perspective.  While addiction kind of overtakes our whole lives, if we aren't careful, quitting can do the same thing. Quitting involves not smoking.  That's it.  Just don't smoke.  It isn't the same thing as performing open heart surgery....finding a cure for cancer....spending a month in outer space.  It isn't the same thing as going through the days after losing your partner, spending your life in a wheelchair, or losing your hearing.


Just don't smoke.  For today.  For right now.  Just don't.  And then get on with your life.  Get that college degree.  Have that baby.  Remodel your house.  Take that trip.  Accept that promotion.  Get on with life....because you love life.  You always have.  You have dreams yet to reach, goals needing achieving, hopes for the future.  Don't put everything on hold until you 'feel better' about your quit.  Allow your life to continue and your quit will become a part of all that's good.


Now I'm sure I'm getting some eye rolls and indignant thoughts and head shakes.  What????  Quitting isn't that easy!!!  I'm supposed to focus on my quit and now she says get on with life???  Sheri has LOST. HER. MIND.


Keep it simple because I truly believe not smoking is simple.  And if you get on with your life, you will find those coping skills you need to deal with cravings and stress and breaking the habit of smoking.  Because all those things you love...family, gardening, your job, education, travel....will sweep you up into the life you were always meant to lead.  Without the smoke breaks, the hacking cough, the glares from family, the searching for a lighter....the addiction.  Life without addiction is glorious!!! 


Did you forget?  Forget your hopes, your dreams, your enthusiastic energy for life?  The anticipation of what's going to happen next?  Quitting has hard moments but keep it in perspective and know that life will keep you occupied when you surrender to your quit.  Stop fighting yourself.  Stop battling your brain.  Stop being stuck in the "I don't like this feeling".  And get on with life. 


I hope you take this in the spirit it is being written.  There are so many amazing people here who bring nothing but stunning light and warmth to the world.  Truly!  Get out there and make your mark, change a life, be touched with wonder.  Remember you are a miracle the world needs.  Quitting isn't ever going to end as it's a journey, not a destination.  Don't let it stop you from living.


May all of you have a glorious week this week.