Wie Geht's?

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~~We do not have to pressure ourselves by insisting that we do or know something before it's time.  When it is time, we will know.  We will move into that time naturally and harmoniously.  We will have peace and consistency.  We will feel empowered in a way we do not feel today.  Deal with the panic, the urgency, the fear; do not let them control or dictate decisions.  Waiting isn't easy.  It isn't fun.  But waiting is often necessary to get what we want.  It is not deadtime; it is not downtime.  The answer will come.  The power will come.  The time will come.  And it will be right.  Today I will wait, if waiting is the action I need in order to take care of myself.  I will know that I am taking a positive, forceful action by waiting until the time is right.  God, help me let go of my fear, urgency, and panic.~~  Unknown


Guten Morgen, meine freunde, wie geht es Ihnen*?

Have you ever read a post here and thought, "What are they saying?"  

I did.  Often.  Sometimes it was like reading Greek.  I could read the words but felt no impact from them.  "You'll feel freedom"?  "You really don't relax by smoking"?  "Remember HALT"?  I didn't get it and I don't believe it was from the lack of intelligence.  It wasn't from a lack of desire on my part to quit.  It wasn't even I didn't understand the words.  I did.  I just didn't 'get' them.

I actually stepped away from this site.  I needed quiet time.  I needed 'me' time.  I needed to figure out what I was doing wrong and why I couldn't quit. And I did understand that no one could tell me that.  It was on me.

Please know that not everyone needs to do the same thing!  Some need support, some need information.  Some need reinforcement.  To me, the site was a good distraction from what I needed to do.  I needed to look inward. 

Because there is where everyone's quit truly is.  It's there inside you.  That moment you realize that you don't want addiction to win.  That moment you realize quitting only means not smoking ever again.  That moment you accept that you can't smoke because addiction takes away everything you love.  That 'ah-ha!' moment that changes your quit from a burden to a blessing.

The words from others may make sense or it may be Greek to you.  That's ok.  Your quit is there inside you regardless of what you read about from others.  There is an ease to quitting when it comes from within that may not be there when you look for answers from others.  Only because you won't find your quit in our words, we can only offer what we know.  Your quit is in you.

So this may sound like Greek to you but relax.  Let go of the fear, the panic.  Your quit is there, waiting for you.  And yes, you may struggle with it but it is yours to have in your time in your way.  We so badly want to help get you there but we know that it is yours because we found ours that same way....within us.  And now we know that "Guten Morgen, meine freunde, wie geht es Ihnen" simply means "good morning, my friends, how are you?"  


I hope you understand




* Please know that any mistakes in spelling or translations is mine alone.  My German is very rusty