Greater Things

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 19, 2019

~~There are going to be days when giving up will seem oh so attractive and easy and perhaps no one will be there to save you but find that inner strength in yourself to get through today and tomorrow because this pain isn't permanent and you are worthy and deserving of such greater things.~~ e.g.


This pain isn't permanent.  I promise.  This anxiety you feel...the nervousness...the heightened sense of doom.  All the things you feel when you first quit smoking.  Your emotions are all over the place. At first.  You feel unable to function at your normal level.  At first.

If you cling to this pain, it will gain force. It can so easily snowball into 'just one' so that you feel better.  And then, rather than remembering all the reasons you quit, you will remember that feeling you get when you smoke.  That feeding your addiction.  Addiction wins when you give it power.

You may not quite understand that there are so much greater things in store for you after your quit.  You may not be able to picture your family getting closer to you or your heightened sense of confidence or even your ability to do so much more with the time you gain from quitting, but it's all there.  Waiting for you.  Keep your eyes and your ears and your heart on all you will be gaining each moment you don't choose to smoke.  Build the positive vibes rather than cling to the lies of addiction.

And, please, trust us.  Trust that we have your best interest at heart and trust that we have been in that exact spot you're in right now.  We know the feelings and we know the struggles and we understand all that you're going through in your quit.  Sure, you may have different triggers and different life experiences but addiction is universal.  There is no reason to smoke, good or bad.  And we know that, too.

Settle in for the most rewarding journey of your life!!  There is nothing easy about it but then again, life isn't easy either and we manage to make it work for us   I'm glad you're here, I'm happy you have chosen to quit smoking, and I know you won't regret it.  You are worthy and deserving of such greater things!!