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~~And suddenly, you's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.~~  Unknown


I've always loved adventures   New situations, new ideas, new challenges.  Normally I leave here for a bit when I get busy or need a break and then come back.  It seemed so important to me to make sure that every quitter know how very much they are needed here in the world.  So I would jump back and forth from my real world to my site world.

After over 5 years here and (I believe) 535 blogs, I am ready to 'retire' my keyboard and hang up my user ID.  I feel confident that I leave quitters in good hands of those who will continue on encouraging, supporting, teaching, and listening.

Marilyn.H.July.14.14. and mikecity write the most heartwarming, upbeat morning blogs for those of us who are here early.  They make us smile and believe that we can do anything!! They are truly blessings here.

Thomas3.20.2010 knows so much about CPOD, elvan offers kindness to all, jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 is both hilarious and knowledgeable.  Daniela-3-11-2016 has such insight and warmth.  JACKIE1-25-15 leads with grace and strength.  Giulia leads with wisdom.  Mandolinrain is a friend like no other.  

There are so many more, of course.  I would be here all night trying to list them all   But know that everything you need to quit is here in these people.  People who volunteer their time, their expertise, their own journeys simply to help you quit smoking.  

May your journey be filled with hope, humor, and much love. 

~~The most effective way to do it, is to do it.~~ Amelia Earhart


When I was on the merry-go-round of quitting circuit, I used to honestly wonder how others managed to quit.  20 days quit....200 days quit....2 years  And here I was, a loser.  Weak.  Stupid.  Addicted.


Of course I used all the words that pointed to "I can't quit".  "I will try again", "I hope I can", "Maybe this time".  Scared.  Anxious.  Terribly sad.


After a failed attempt when I hated myself for caving once again, I had a serious talk with myself.  I had to know why.  Why couldn't I quit?  What was wrong with me?  Was there something wrong with me or was I just a smoker forever?  I didn't like the fact that I smoked even while feeling relief as I sucked in the smoke.


Then my 'ah-ha' moment came.  The secret to quitting, I decided, was never to smoke again.  Ever. Close the door on it totally and forever.  Not just "I hope", but not to open that door ever again.  So all I had to do was not to smoke.


And I decided I could do that.  I didn't try to figure out the rest of my life, I didn't cement my plan into stone, I didn't even announce to anyone I was quitting.  I quietly shut the door and refused to open it ever again.


I was flexible in my approach to making my days bearable.  I did a lot of yoga, deep breathing, meditation.  I took long walks, I slept A LOT, I drank some water, I painted.  I was loving to my children and kind to my friends.  In other words....I simply got on with life.  The most effective way to do it is to do it.  So I did.


Now I know some of you struggling are thinking "She makes it sound easy and it's not".  But truly, the only way to quit smoking is to quit smoking. Whether it's easy or hard.  Quitting means never smoking again.   You can struggle, you can make it hard, you can have fun with it, you can have a combination of both easy and hard.  But the only thing you HAVE to do is to not smoke.


The merry-go-round of quitting and relapsing can be very wearing on a person.  Discouraging.  Tiring.  Hard.  But you can get off that ride whenever you want to.  It's entirely in your hands.


 The only thing you'll ever have to do to keep your quit is to....not smoke.