Climb These Mountains

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jan 24, 2019

~~These mountains that your carrying, you were only supposed to climb.~~ Unknown


One day you are going to understand the freedom you feel when you quit smoking.  Maybe not today, but you will.


One day you'll understand why elders stick around here to help others because you'll be one, too.  Maybe not tomorrow, but you will.


One day you'll realize how very important you are to the world and how quitting smoking is a gift not only to you but to all of us.  Maybe not now, but you will.


You will realize this when you remember not to carry the burdens of yesterday into today.  Burdens are meant to teach you, not cripple you.  They need to be released so you can move forward and they can develop into the memories they were always meant to be.  Tales of remarkable courage and strength for future generations.


You will understand it when you remember that once you climb your mountains, the downward slope allows you to rest, relax, and breathe easy. Don't carry them, climb them.


You will realize it when you recognize that you and only you can change your life.  It's not just up to you but it's also within your power.  You can successfully quit smoking.  You can successfully climb those mountains.  You only have to realize you can.  One day, you will.