Oh, No You Don't!

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jan 19, 2019

~~Awesome Life Tip:  Work on loving yourself, as you are right now.  That might mean sending love to your thighs, being compassionate about your lack of progress in a certain area, or reminding yourself that you're an awesome human being.  Whatever it is, sit with yourself and express love as you would toward someone you really care about.  Be your own best friend.~~  AwesomeLifeTips.com


Oh, no you don't!!  I am not going to let you talk bad about yourself any more.  No more "I'm a failure!"  No more "I'm so stupid!"  No more "I can't do this".  

Each and every one of you are the first to jump in when a friend is discouraged and depressed, right?  Each one of you would tell your child in no uncertain terms that he is NOT a failure.  Each one of you comes here and holds up another who is having a bad day.


Why do you let yourself talk to you that way?  Why are you so unforgivingly hard on yourself?  Why are you waiting to be absolutely perfect before you give yourself a pat on the back?

Can I gently point out, my dear quitters, that you need....you.  Who knows that your secret go-to is binging M*A*S*H when you're too stressed to get out of bed?  Who knows you still have that birthday card that your dad signed himself rather than your mother?  Who knows that you hate that roll you have around your middle?  Who knows that you had your heart broken at 15 and you broke someone else's heart at 18? 

You.  You know.  And when you need comfort, allow yourself to comfort you.  And when you need to cry, allow yourself to cry long and hard.  And when you need a pep talk, allow yourself to remember all the events you've survived and all the times you thought you couldn't but did.

Quitting smoking is a process.  One that doesn't stop when this site goes silent in the wee early mornings.  One that doesn't stop when you're alone in your car or when you receive bad news over texts or when you are out to dinner with your honey.  That's when you need you most, don't you think?  Give yourself the gift of yourself.  Pamper yourself with your absolute favorite scent.  Eat your most decadent meal.  Pat yourself on the back just because you're fabulous.  And know that you are doing the absolute best you can do at this time in this moment.  And forgive yourself if that's not enough.

We are all human and we all feel the emotions life can bring....loneliness, sorrow, guilt.  The best way to get through these things is by being good to you.  No more downing yourself.  No more beating yourself up.  No more allowing others to decide you aren't good enough.

You are.  Of course you are!  And you need to remind yourself of that when those dreaded self-doubts creep in.  You are so much better than those doubts allow you to believe.  You are so much stronger than addiction allows you to believe.  You are just the perfect you!!  The world needs you, we need you, but I believe that you need you, too.  Start by loving yourself....just as you are.