Lose Yourself

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Oct 27, 2018

~~Lose yourself.  In laughter and nature and lovely moments, kisses and cuddles.  In a much needed conversation with someone you love or and adventure, or your favorite book or movie, some good food and precious company,  Lose yourself in the tender breeze of the wind, the song of birds around you, the strokes of sunshine on your brow, the glitter of stars winking.  Because you will surely find yourself, my dear.  And you'll realize all is well.~~  SC Lourie


Just lose yourself in everything you love and you'll lose that desire to hold on to the thought that you need to smoke.  Lose yourself in fun and in healthy living and in joy.  Lose yourself in new experiences and sweet memories and good times. 

The more you embrace life, my friends, the less you'll hold on to the idea you 'need' a cigarette. You'll let go of your fear of failing, your fear that you "can't".  Fill your time with laughter and lovely moments.  Fill your days with friends and fresh air.  Fill your heart with love and happy and contentment. 

Turn towards those strokes of sunshine on your brow and allow the shadows of addiction to fall behind you.  Let it be something you used to do but no longer need to continue.  Let it go with grace and peace, allowing regret and shame dissolve into acceptance and healing. 

There is no need to tie yourself to smoking any longer.  All the good you deserve in life is just on the other side of addiction, waiting patiently as you let go of the lies addiction has told you.  Lose yourself in all the world has to offer, all you have always wondered about, and all you want to do.  You can, you know.  The world is yours and it is waiting.


May you have a day filled with lovely moments,