Sweeping Out the Cobwebs

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Oct 2, 2018

~~If I could, I would send you a box of happiness wrapped in a bow that you could take into your heart so you could breathe easier right how.  I would sweep out the cobwebs of fear and regret so that you no longer have to stumble upon them in the dark.

I would make sure you walk through this world knowing that you are celebrated and loved.

Because you are a bright light in this world and you are worthy of this and so much more.

So today I send you the blessings of a thousand angels who will help you find your way into heartfelt laughter and a sense of well-being.

Know that you are loved.~~  Laurel Breadon-Maffel


I don't know why but quitting sometimes makes people unhappy.  It brings dark clouds instead of sunshine  and brings out insecurities rather than confidence.

Quitting should be a time of celebration as you turn your focus on what could be rather than what has been.  Picture days of breathing better!!  Picture saving $300-$500 a month!!  Picture smelling so good that your family crowds around you for hugs!!  Picture having more time...more time to spend with those you love, more time to do what you love, more time to enjoy being alive!!

A lifetime of being free from paper, tobacco, chemicals that kill.  A lifetime of never having to run to the store, search for that lighter, find the 'smoking area' sign.  A lifetime of never again burning that hole in your car seat, never freezing as you grab one more outside in 10* weather, never having your family look at you in hurt silence as you excuse yourself after dinner.

Shrouding ourselves in negative emotions, I think, is a side effect of addiction and gives us an out should we decide to relapse.  "I couldn't handle it", "I was going through a horrible time", "When things calm down, I'll quit again".  In actuality, there is nothing bad about quitting.  We don't lose a thing and we gain...well....everything good!!  So by looking forward to everything good, we are encouraged to keep our quit.  By being excited at the thought of another smoke free day, we are supported by positive emotions. 

Sweep out those cobwebs of fear and regret.  Find your way into a sense of well-being and heartfelt laughter.  And know that you deserve to be celebrated and loved!  Each and every day.  You are, after all, a bright light in this world!  And that light is needed and appreciated