One Day

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 6, 2018

~~One day you'll look back and you'll realize you never needed anyone but yourself.  You didn't need the alcohol, the drugs, the escapes, the gurus, the work and overworking, the busyness, the cigarettes, the sex, the food and the overeating, the achievements, the negative relationships, all the people-pleasing or whatever it was you clung to in your past because you thought you weren't enough.  One day you'll realize you've only ever needed you. And tears might fall down your eyes in relief and wonder because it will feel so simple and yet it felt so impossible to see at the time.  And it might hurt a little bit too as bittersweet things do.  But it won't be the kind of pain that damages.  It will be more the one that is proof of you truly being alive now, with your heart so soft, your mind open, signs that you feel things now.  That you're not scared to feel things.  And you'll definitely sigh.  You'll sigh deep because things are different now and you are finally in love with yourself and life.  You'll sigh because you feel grateful that today you know the truth.  ~~  s.c.lourie


Sometimes I feel that someone out there needs to hear things like this from time to time.  More than reading about addiction, more than reading about cravings, sometimes you just need to hear that you are ok.  That things will get better.  That you matter to us and to the world.


Because life can be challenging.  It sometimes hurts.  It sometimes gets so stressful you feel you can't breathe.  And it can be heart wrenchingly painful to think about tomorrow when you feel you can't even make it through today.


Please remember that a bad day doesn't make it a bad life.  There is beauty in life, too, and joy and peace and gladness and appreciation.  There, in the midst of your hurt, will also be love by those close to you.  To hold you up until you can once again stand on your own.


Love yourself.  No matter how you are feeling or what you are going through, love yourself.  Love your flaws and your mistakes and your weirdness and your faults because they are what make you unique.  They teach you lessons you need to learn.  They are as much a part of who you are as is your kindness and your goodness.  And they aren't 'bad' nor do they make you 'bad'.  They make you human.  So love them and please learn to love yourself.  You are worth it.

That, I can promise