Quit By Doing

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 31, 2018

~~Well done is better than well said.~~  Benjamin Franklin


While I believe in the power of words, I do so because words can motivate, inspire, and simply touch hearts.  But a quote from someone is never as powerful as watching that someone in action.  Mother Teresa touched more souls with her presence that with her words.  Her healing touch was felt by many.  Michael Jordan inspires many with his words but it was his presence and actions on the court that showed who he truly was.  

Same with quitters.  You can recite all the correct information, you can demonstrate a verbal knowledge of all the reasons why you should quit, and you can even share your life story as a perfect example of your need to quit.  But it is in your actions where your quit will happen.  When you breathe deeply through stress rather than smoke, you will remain a quitter.  When you do yoga in the morning rather than smoke, you will remain a quitter.  When you paint your anxiety away rather than smoke, you will remain a quitter.  When your actions demonstrate your ability to cope with life rather than smoking through it, you will remain a quitter.

Because well done is ALWAYS better than well said.  My quit is solid because of my actions, not my posts, not my quotes, and not my talk.  The elders here have used and continue to use actions to maintain their quit.  We create, we discover, we explore, we experiment...in other words, we 'do'.  Quitting is not an event, it is not a one time decision.  It is not a wish or a hope or a future endeavor.  Quitting is a process and an active one at that  

So...get active!!  Take charge by doing!!  Your quit is waiting for you and you need to own it, nurture it, and strengthen it.  Those things can only be done through actions.  Then, please, come here and tell us how you're doing and what you're doing so we can say, "Well done!!"