It Doesn't Need To Be Like That

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 27, 2018

~~Change can be hard.  It requires no extra effort to settle for the same old thing.  Auto-pilot keeps us locked into past patterns.  But transforming your life?  That requires courage, commitment, and effort.  It's tempting to stay camped in the zone of That's-Just-How-It-Is.  But to get to the really good stuff in life, you have to be willing to become an explorer and adventurer.~~  John Mark Green


If you decide to quit, gather your courage, honor your commitment, and make the effort to change.  Does it sound too easy?  Read that first sentence again....'change can be hard'.  Shaking up your auto pilot routine....exploring new actions...becoming an adventurer rather than a couch sitter....finding the truly good stuff in life.


Because there is no good in smoking.  It ruins you.  Not just your looks or your health but it ruins who you are as a person.  There is no pride in smoking.  No satisfaction in yourself.  No strength in the decision to smoke.  There is only addiction that needs to fed over and over and over again with no end ever. 


Quitting takes so much effort.  It takes movement and a different way of thinking.  It takes time and patience and a gentle awareness of how you are feeling and what you need to continue.  It takes courage and strength and acceptance and hope.  Most of all, quitting takes commitment.  100%.  When you quit, you close the door to smoking forever.  And once you realize that smoking is no longer an option, you really will find the good stuff in life.  It's there, waiting for you to notice