What Would Happen If

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 19, 2018

~~You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.~~  Buddah


It's so easy to love ourselves when things are going well.  We're on top of our jobs, our quits are splendid, we lost that last 10 pounds, and we have a healthy bank account.  Life is looking good and so are we,


But the reality is that everyone has flaws.  Everyone has faults.  Life sometimes sucks.  We're angry.  We're sad.  We're lost.  We feel like we're the only one to feel less than perfect.  We're alone in our misery and sorrow.


What would happen if you loved those parts of yourself that are less than stellar?  Less than beautiful?  What would happen if all those scary, negative thoughts and feelings were embraced instead of rejected?  What if you decided to become your own best friend?


Being you means that not only are you lovely and kind and warm and graceful but you are also impatient maybe and obsessive and angry sometimes and unreasonable.  And let me tell you something......


That is so ok!!!  That is more than ok, that is FABULOUS!!!


We are made up of good and not so good and less than good and unusual and unique and weird.  When you can not only acknowledge that but embrace and celebrate that, you are truly in a good place in your life....well balanced and content. 


Life isn't just for perfect people, although some do feel they are perfect.  That's ok.  But life is for the unreasonable as well, and the uncertain and the scared and the impatient and the angry and the bored and...well, just everybody.


Love your flaws.  They also make you you.  Love your faults.  They are part of you as well.  Decide what you want to improve and decide what you are ok with.  Take pride in your uniqueness and forgive your mistakes.  Glory in your humanness and simply love yourself.  Accept yourself.  Take care of all those parts of you that you have been battling and hiding from.


No, it may not be easy for you.  You have your standards, after all.  No, it may not be clear for you on just how to get this done.  No, that doesn't mean that you go through life angry or hateful or depressed.


It does mean, however, that you stop hating yourself.  That you stop being who you aren't.  That you stop hiding your imperfect self behind a cloud of smoke because you are afraid to see who you truly are.  Because who you truly are is just perfect.  You are just perfect.  With everything you think is wrong with you, you are simply perfect.  There is no one in the whole world who could be a better you.  You deserve your love and attention, you deserve to be accepted.  Lift your chin, square your shoulders, and walk through life like a boss