Why Hold On?

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 11, 2018

~~You are unrepeatable.  There is a magic about you that is all your own...~~  DM Dellinger


Don't you think that it's time?  It's time to stop looking for answers in others.  It's time to stop wishing for what others have.  It's time to stop beating yourself up for all you haven't done yet.  It's simply time to stop. 


It's time to start looking within.  Looking at you.  At all you are.  At all you have.  At all that you have yet to become. 


Because everything you've ever wanted is there.  You want to quit smoking?  Only you can do that and you CAN do that.  You have the courage.  You have the knowledge.  You have all you need to be successful.


But in order to focus on all that, you have to let go of all those negative beliefs you have about yourself, about your addiction, about the world.  You are NOT a failure, no matter how many times you've tried...and failed...to quit.  Your addiction is NOT more powerful than you are.  The world is NOT a scary place that doesn't care about you.


When you begin to embrace all that is good in you, your quit becomes a creation that is strong, lovely, lasting.  When you understand your addiction, it becomes simply a sad portion of all you haven't healed in your life rather than a powerful force that chains you to lifelong isolation and illness.  When you realize how vast and brilliant and welcoming the world can be, you find your place in it and that place is joyous and unique and meant for you alone.


You are unrepeatable.  That is so very wonderfully true!!  That also means that you are complete just as you are.  You don't have to wish for what others have or for what others are.  You have all you need and you ARE all you need.  You are complete.


I can't 'make' you believe in all that you are.  I can't force you to feel the positives that you have.  But I can ask why.  Why hold on to all those negatives with a fierce determination rather than release them?  Why not allow the positives in you to carry you through those tough times?  There is a magic in you that is all your own...but you need to believe in it, bring it forth, and allow it to protect and heal you.  Addiction will never win against the unrepeatable you.  You've got this