Stop With the Busy

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 4, 2018

~~Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management.  Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.~~  Unknown


Are you busy?  Do you already have a list of things to do today?  Maybe you don't work on weekends but you have laundry, shopping, housecleaning, lunch with your church group, a dinner party filling your day.  Maybe you are one of those who think "I have no time for myself".   Maybe you've said 'yes' to so many obligations that you don't have a free evening until 2019.

Somehow staying busy has not only become the norm but is a badge of honor.  So many people trust you to do a good job.  So many organizations you belong to know they can rely on you.  Your family knows that you will take care of things.

So what do you do for you?  When is there time to simply sit outside and enjoy the fresh air?  When do you just breathe and enjoy NOT doing?  When do you listen to your body and relax, take care of yourself, and sleep in without feeling guilty?

It's time, you know.  When you quit smoking, it is the perfect time to start making those choices that you will enjoy.  That may mean saying no to some obligations.  That may be learning to avoid people who suck the energy from you.  That may be trimming your schedule down to only do those things that bring joy to your heart and light to your day.

Because living life in balance means you understand that your being is as important as everyone else's being.  Your time is valuable because you are valuable.  Quit giving yourself away to every cause that needs a body and start realizing that your time is precious and needs to be doled out in small increments rather than large lump sums.  


So again, what do you do for you?  Are you learning how to manage your stress?  Are you lingering over coffee and a good book?  Are you spending time in your garden, enjoying the sights, the sounds, the colors?  Are you tinkering with that engine in your garage that you've had forever?  What are you doing for you?


Saying no to those who may 'need' you isn't selfish, it's vital for your own piece of mind and overall health.  Those who know you  aren't going to reject you because you won't chair the white elephant sale at school.  Those who love you may be startled but will respect those boundaries you put in place.  Those who won't talk to you anymore because you won't serve on the woman's league board aren't worth your time anyway.


So please, find that balance.  Don't be 'too' busy to reduce your stress so that your marvelous quit will have the space and the calm it needs to flourish.  You, too, will flourish!  You are so incredibly unique that you need to take good care of you.  The world needs your heart, your kindness, your talents.  At your time, though, not because it's a badge of honor to be busy.  Enjoy your day, enjoy your quit!!