The Best Is Yet To Come

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 31, 2018

~~Always remember your present situation is not your final destination.  The best is yet to come.~~  Unknown


You may not believe it now.  As you contemplate quitting or are struggling with your quit, you may not see it.  You may be doubting yourself.  You may be doubting the world. 

But the best is yet to come.  YOUR best is yet to come.  I know it.  I've lived it and continue to feel that wonderful sense of anticipation as my life moves forward.

When it finally dawns on you that your quit is good, you gain a sense of accomplishment.  You may still have left over thoughts of smoking.  You may have an occasional crave.  But you know....you KNOW....that your quit is a lifestyle change that you've earned and nothing is going to shake your commitment.

That's when you also realize that the best is yet to come.  When you realize the power of choice is greater than the chains of addiction.  When you understand that you control what goes into your body.  When you come into the person you were always meant to be.  When all these things are propelling you forward, you know that the best is yet to come.

All our unrealized potential suddenly comes into focus.  All the gifts we've always had that have been sitting unused and unknown suddenly peek through the dissolving cloud of smoke.  All the positive feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence begin to put a smile on our face and joy to our heart.

Quitting smoking is a process and life itself is a journey filled with all we need to excel.  It's not all scary, all painful, all dark.  The fear, the hurt, and the shadows are only there to help us appreciate the joy, the contentment, and the light.  The balance of life is all about give and take, rest and movement.  Addiction robs us of balance.  Quitting brings it out.

I don't know what's ahead of me.  I'm positive there will be both joy and heartbreak.  Life is like that.  But I also know that the best is yet to come for me and I look forward to it each and every day.

May you also feel the joy of knowing you best is yet to come.  May you believe it.  May you understand all your untapped potential and may you turn towards your light.  Everything....everything!!.....you need for a good life is already inside of you.  Quitting is a giant step in bringing it out.  Much love today and always