Believe In You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 22, 2018

~~Believe in yourself.~~


Have you ever noticed that most of us are very negative when it comes to our quits?  From the time we start thinking that it's time to put 'em down, our thoughts tend to go to "I'm afraid I'll fail" and "I don't know if I can".  We think 'It's hard", "I can't stand it", and "I don't know if I can".


Quitting in itself isn't hard.  Just don't buy any.  It's changing the way we do things, it's finding ways to get through the craves, it's understanding that uncomfortable feelings mean we're winning.


Believe in yourself, my friends.  Believe that you can quit successfully and believe that you can make the changes you need to make in order to succeed.  Just like you did with other challenges in your life!  You know, the heartbreak you suffered...the trauma you got through...the abuse you lived through.  You did it and you survived!!  Quitting has nothing on you  


Once you start believing in yourself, then it's time to get positive!  Get excited!  You are doing something so unbelievably good for you   You are taking steps to regain your life!!  That is exciting!  You are about to show the world...and yourself....that you are strong, courageous, and fearless!!  You can.  Of course you can!!  People quit every day so why not you?!!


I totally believe you can do this.  I totally believe you can quit forever.  And I see the strength in you that you may not be paying attention to.  I know you're brave.  You can't go through life without courage.  So when you waver in your belief in yourself, let me know because I will be happy to remind you how badass you actually can be  


Seriously there are so many positive to quitting smoking.  You regain your life, you save so much money, people will want to be around you more, you will have so much more time to spend with family, you will gain confidence in yourself.....make a list!!  Quitting is worth it  


I totally believe you can do this.  Now it's time for you to believe in you, too.