Belated Thanks

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 16, 2018

~~You're what making a difference looks like.  Thank you so much!~~  Unknown


I haven't celebrated my milestones here in quite a while.  My choice, of course, but that meant that I couldn't thank you like I should have.  All of you who have touched my world and made life more.  More joyous, more bearable, more delightful.  So, if you don't mind.......


I am celebrating 1868 days of smoke free living.  I have regained 181 days of my life and I have not smoked 37, 362 cigarettes.  I have saved $9, 340.


There is no way I can list everyone who supported, encouraged, tolerated , and guided my quit.  But there are a few who saved my life as much as my quit.  Bee_Jay, what a powerful yet gentle friend you are!!  I adore you and thank you for always caring, even when I was at my worst.  Rick_M , you are the best kind of support!  When you believe in people, you give them the courage to believe in themselves and I am so honored to be considered your friend.   pir8fan, you put up with my indecisions, my poor decisions, and everything in between.  Much love!  Giulia, as the first person to ever talk to me here on ex, I wouldn't have stayed without you.  My eternal gratitude.  jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007, you never gave up on me, you made me laugh, and most of all you made so much bearable.  Forever appreciative.  Thomas, I can't find your "@" name but your patience and knowledge and quiet confidence in me meant the world to me. Thomas3.20.2010  So many more, of course, and I am truly blessed to have each of you touch my life.


Quitting is solitary as no one can do it for you.  But quitting is all about connections because when you are weak, someone is there to lean on, to hold your hand, and to lift you up.  You don't have to do it alone.  The wisdom, compassion, and joy that others can rain into your quit nurture and light your way.  We are in this together  

grātiās tibi agō,