You Got Yourself Here

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 16, 2016

~~If you can honor the story that got you to today, if you can honor the strength you showed in keeping to the trail, if you can pay homage to the tragedies that revealed how deep and loving you really are, if you can look back and see the beauty of your soul growing throughout all the difficult moments when it felt you were locked in an invisible  prison, a beautiful life you will feel all around you now, the sacredness of your breath, the fact that you have so much behind you because you kept on going.  Tell me your story without your head hanging in shame.   Tell me your story with your head held high.  Because you became the hero you needed.  Nobody else.  You got yourself to today.  For that alone, you should be so proud.~~  SC Lourie

Somehow I think this says it all and I shouldn't even add to it.  But I will....just a bit.  You got yourself to today.  You brought yourself to this site.  I hope you understand that it is within your power to quit smoking.  For good. 

And during the early days of your precious quit, I hope you understand how very vital it is to treat yourself with the same loving care you would treat a loved one...a friend....your fur baby....as your body detoxs and begins to heal itself. 

Don't overthink it.  Don't talk yourself out of it.  Hang in there and hang tough.  All you have to do it to get through it a moment at a time. 

You became the hero you needed.  And you are here today.  Be so very proud of yourself.  And maybe....just maybe....you will tell us your story with your head held high.