You Have A Place Here

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 1, 2016

I quit smoking 3 1/2 years ago.  I came back here to ex three months after that.  Partly because of a friend of mine, partly because I wanted those I knew here to know that I had finally gotten it, and partly because, since I got it, I wanted to pass it on to others.

I wanted quitters to feel supported.  To feel they mattered.  To give back to a world that had given me so much.

I wanted to share messages of hope.  A little positivity.  Maybe some humor.  I like to laugh.  I like to dance.  I like life.

But this site is so much more than just me.  The personalities on this site range from the shy to the outspoken to the pompous to the truly wise. 

Everyone has a place here, because we are all quitters.  Whether we have quit or we want to quit or we have just begun the journey....we all have a place here.  And while we may struggle to find that place, the fact of the matter is that not everyone is going to get along.  Not everyone will like us.  Not everyone will understand us.  But that doesn't lessen our place here.

And I hope that we can all tolerate each other.  Because we all have a place here.  If you don't like someone, don't respond to their posts. If you don't understand where someone is coming from, ask rather than assume.  If you disagree with someone, allow them their opinions and write your own post about your position rather than argue on their post.

Because we all have a place here.  And everyone....kind, mean, heartbroken, lost, lovely, wise....deserves the right to express themselves here.

This is not a post response to anyone else's blog.  This is not a "someone was mean to me" blog.  This is not a jab at anyone on this site.  Because I truly believe that everyone has a place here.  And I don't judge.  And I don't point out what I believe to be flaws in others.  And your opinions of me are none of my business.

So this post is simply a way of explaining how very much I want everyone here to quit smoking.  Regardless of whether you like me....or anyone else.  Regardless of whether you quit using NRTs or hypnosis or cold turkey.  Regardless of whether or not you are nice or mean or sweet or loveable.

You have a place here.  Use it to quit smoking.  Explore your options.  Vent (we ALL do it).  And quit.  Please.  Before it's too late.  Before you don't have a choice.  Before you say "I wish I had...."

You have a place here and I respect that.  Use it well.