Make Yourself Proud

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Oct 25, 2016

~~You have this one life.  How do you want to spend it?  Apologizing?  Regretting?  Questioning?  Hating yourself?  Dieting?  Running after people who don't see you?  Be brave.  Believe in yourself.  Do what feels good.  Take risks.  You have this one life.  Make yourself proud.~~  butterfliesandpebbles

Sometimes I think quitting smoking is different for everyone.  My sister simply quit.  By herself.  No aides, no support, no encouragement.  She just quit after smoking her whole adult life.  Others are matter-of-fact quitters.  Some are researchers-before-the quit quitters.  Some wade in only to run back to the familiar.

For me, I was able to truly find my forever quit by putting my heart into it.  I do my important things with passion.  So with my quit, I went all out.  Changed my life, changed my world, let go of much that held me back, and added all the things I found I loved.  It wasn't a punishment for an addiction, it was a joy.  It wasn't a chore to quit, it was a delight.  I closed the smoking door but opened up a world I had only thought about.  One filled with emotions, colors, talents, and love.  So rather than looking back at all I'd lost by smoking, I had so many things to look forward to each day.  I loved my quit.  I loved the life I had created for me.

Everyone is different.  Some find my way kind of.....goofy and too loud.  That's ok.  Focus on you and your quit.  But truth is truth no matter how you choose to live.  You don't lose a thing by quitting except an active addiction that controls your brain, your time, and your life.  It isolates, it lies, and it ultimately kills.  Keep your eyes ahead and move towards whatever else in your life you want....a new job, a closer family, new skills, love, laughter.....anything you want can be yours.  By quitting you give yourself the time, the focus, and the finances to create your world.  Your way.

I really am proud of my life now.  No regrets.  Much forgiveness for how I used to be.  Quitting smoking changed my world....I changed my world.  So can you.  If you chose to.

Love to my friends here...I've missed you.  Hope everyone is well and smiling this lovely Tuesday morning!!