Between Misery and Bliss

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Oct 17, 2016

~~Life isn't supposed to be an all or nothing battle between misery and bliss.  Life isn't supposed to be a battle at all.  And when it comes to happiness, well, sometimes sometimes it's comfortable, sometimes wonderful, sometimes boring, sometimes unpleasant.  When your day's not perfect, its not a failure or a terrible loss.  It's just another day....~~  Barbara Sher

Life is what life is.  When you understand that, you'll be less likely to smoke yourself through it.  Bored?  Try doing something new.  Sad?  Have a good cry.  Stressed?  Do some yoga or jog or scream. 

Or how about just recognize it as life.  You'll get through it simply because life sweeps you along whether you're ready for it or not.  It will pass...everything does.  Boredom, stress, happiness.  Feelings can't sustain themselves forever.  Breathe and know it will pass.

I have not been feeling well lately so I won't be here much.  But so many are here.  They listen, encourage, cheer, and even play games with you so that you have no excuse to revert to smoking. 

Life is what life is.  Really, it's quite enjoyable :)  Especially without the cigarettes!!