My Responsibility

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 3, 2016

~~Your words have the power to to hurt, to heal, open minds, open hearts, and change the world.  Never forget the responsibility you have over the words you speak.~~  Steven Aitchison

I confess that sometimes I forget.  I forget that you don't know me well enough to understand what I'm saying as here I am only words on a page.  I forget that words can seem harsh when not linked to a gentle touch, a smile, a hug.  I forget that good intentions are not enough to ease a crushed spirit or hurt heart when the words have already been written.

I forget that you haven't seen my own struggles.  I forget that you weren't around for the beginning of my forever quit.  I forget that you can't finish my thoughts because you have no idea who I am.

And, mostly, I forget all this about you as well.  I forget that you may mean well even when I read something different in your words.  I forget that you are not simply words on a page and maybe an avatar, but also a person with thoughts, feelings, and intentions.  I forget that you may be trying to reach those whom may appear lost.  I forget that you may be reacting to something in your own life.  I forget.  I forget that you are human, too.

We are all human here.  We make mistakes but we are not those mistakes.  We are hurt but can also heal.  We try and some may fail while others thrive.  We are human.

And we are individual as well.  I may see life as delightful while another may hesitate to leave the house.  One may quit with ease, another may not understand that a quit comes from within.  Some respond.  Others react. 

I apologize for not always being gentle with my words.  I apologize for not always recognizing that you need support rather than advice, an ear rather than more words, peace rather than a debate.

This site is an eclectic mix of givers and takers, advisors and peacemakers, warriors and gurus.  I have yet to settle into any of those catagories as I am still evolving into the person I am meant to be.  But I can say that I will be better....more gentle with my words, kinder in spirit, and wise enough to know when to let go or hold on.

May you find peace in your hectic world today....laughter in air....and joy in your quit.