Defining Your Happy

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 31, 2016

~~She finds peace in the little things, lives within her means, and defines her own happy.~~  unknown


Just a quick post to say please learn how to define your own happy!!  Learn how to find your peace.  Maybe it is in watching the sunrise, maybe it is in your daily meditation, maybe it is in spreading some joy and sunshine.  But it is there, patiently waiting for you!  And when you find that peace, that inner happy....you will realize how very precious life is.  So you will guard your quit with everything you've got because you will no longer entertain the notion of killing yourself by smoking.

Living within your means has nothing to do with money, by the way, and everything to do with letting go of the things that no longer serve you or make you happy while surrounding yourself with those little things that bring you peace and joy.  It really is the only way to truly live.

I can promise you that you will never, ever regret quitting smoking if you hold on to that precious quit with everything you've got.  Nurture it, protect it, and learn to love it as you love it in the rest of us.  Quitting is filled with joy and hope and faith that it gets better.  Quitting is steeped in the knowledge that it does get better, you get better, and the world springs to life once your addiction no longer rules your time.

Much love to my friends here.  Thank you for your words of wisdom, your support, and your unfailing faith in me.  Still smoke free no matter what!!