I See You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 22, 2016

~~I see you.  I see your strength and courage, your hesitations and fears.  I see the way you love others, and I see your struggle to love yourself.  I see how hard to you work to grow, and your dedication to heal.  I see your vulnerable humanity, and I your transcendent divinity. I see you, and I love what I see.~~  Scott Stabile

Sometimes, even when your own world is a bit off kilter, you need to extend yourself so that others may still know how valuable they are.  Sometimes you can best protect your bruised self by helping others heal.  Sometimes you can rise from the destruction around you so that others may bring out their own warrior spirit.

I see you all here.  Some struggling, some striving for better, some confident, some battling personal demons.  But I see you all....here.  Each one of you who signs into EX does so for the comfort, peace, support, knowledge, and heart that is here.  Many who simply give pieces of themselves with each word they write and each quitter they support, others who desparately need to know they are alive when their way is dark and lonely.

So I come here today and most days to let you know I see you.  I may see your hesitations and fears but they reflect my own in a different space and time.  I may see your struggle to love yourself but it reflects my own struggles throughout the years.  I see your dedication to heal and I know exactly how that feels.

I see you, I was you, and I continue my journey with the reflections of emotions, thoughts, behaviors that may also be your own.  We are totally different yet the same in our desire to truly live rather than observe others living.  So I come here today to tell you that you are not alone.  You are not unique to the struggles to heal, to forgive, to fear, to live.  I know.  Many others here know.  And you are perfectly ok just exactly how you are. 

I hope that one day you will see you as I do.  The courage, the strength.  The grace, the beauty.  The wisdom, the joy.  They are you, my friend, in all your glory.  I truly see you.  And one day when the healing has strengthened you and your growth has given you insight, you will be able to see all that I do.  And you will come here to let another know.....

I see you.