The Adventure

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 19, 2016

~~We are each gifted in a unique and important wway.  It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.~~ Mary Dunbar

Hey, did anyone tell you that you do not have to sit on the edge of your sit, white-knuckled and tense, waiting on the next craving to hit you?  And you do not have to crawl into a ball, emptying your mind and sucking your thumb until you are out of NML.  You don't even have to eat your weight in junk food trying to convince yourself you don't need a cigarette.

You know why?  Because you were made for much, much more than that, my friend.  While you are in the early stages of your quit, it is an excellent time to discover....or re-discover....your own special light!!  If that is too vague and fru-fru for you, let me restate in clearer terms.

You have gifts.  You have talents.  You have traits and spirit and character that is uniquely yours.  Whether you are a graceful dancer or a brilliant bean counter or a kindhearted volunteer, the point is "You Are".  You are here on earth.  The world needs your kind of specialness.  And you were born to shine that marvelous, special light.

So rather agonize over the early days of your baby quit, find ways to nurture it while finding ways to nurture yourself as well.  Are you impatient?  Calm?  A multitasker?  An introvert?  Shy?  Explosive? 

However you are, take the time to get to know yourself.  Find the true you....and discover that inner sparkle.  The unique personality.  The genius.  The core. 

It should be your privilege to discover your own special light. It should be a delight.  It should be an adventure.  Don't let your quit drag you down into the shadows...let your light bring you into the world.  It is waiting for you.

Have a blessed week-end, all!!