This Is About You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 17, 2016

~~A goal without a plan is just a wish.~~  Unknown

The Ex site is designed, developed, and created to help you quit smoking.  The goal is to give you the tools you need to be successful.  And I believe that this is what everyone else wants for you as well.  I know I do.  Every word I write is passionately connected to my hope that you quit smoking.

But my words are from me only.  I usually do not say "we" when I offer assistance because I don't speak for everyone here, I wouldn't presume to do that.  I respect others enough to let them speak for themselves.  My ideas or thoughts are just mine; good, bad, or misdirected :)

There aren't many rules or guidelines here that aren't on other sites as well.  I'm sure things like "no profanity", "no politics" and things like that hold true here but I am not sure as I don't talk politics and don't cuss often.  I don't believe anyone here is obligated to comment on the posts of others, to pay it forward in any way, or to take the focus of your own quit in order to focus on someone else.  You can, of course!!  But for those lurkers, those reluctant "I don't have much to say" quitters, or those who choose to remain silent, you can be!  Silent, I mean :)  Please don't feel like you have to "do" anything here.  Again, this site is giving you tools for your quit.  What you do here is totally  up to you.

Some folks post blogs 2 orr 3 or 10 times a day.  Totally cool!!  Some never post one.  Totally cool!!  Some make friends.  Others are friends.  Some stay to help.  Others leave when they have solid quits.  This site is definitely diversified. You are allowed the freedom to take what you need and leave the rest.  And that truly makes a difference.

The goal is for you to gain knowledge, gather support, and understand addiction so that you can apply all that to your quit.  So relax.  Press buttons.  Lurk.  Read.  Snoop on people's pages.  Look at the different tabs.  And soak it all in!!  And then stop wishing you can quit....because a dream with a plan is a goal.  And we are here to help you reach you goal.  That's what this site is all about.  You.