Using Your Voice

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 16, 2016

~~You don't ever have to feel guilty about sharing your feelings.  It isn't desparate, pathetic, or weak.  It's self-care and there is nothing shameful about taking care of yourself by unloading some of the pain you carry.  Your feelings are important and they matter--you matter--and if you are hurting, you are allowed to reach out.  You're allowed to be honest and use your voice.  You're allowed to take up space and talk about what you're feeling.  You deserve to make self-care a priority.  Always.~~ Daniell Koepke

If it comes down to sharing your pain or losing your quit?  Don't even hesitate!!  Let it out to someone.  You can come here, of course.  Great site to gain support and empathy.  But if you don't want to let it out here, do you have someone you can talk to?

Many of us....myself included...often just "suck it up" and move on with life.  And that's not always a bad thing.  It helps move you past little annoyances, petty differences, and stress.

But when your heart is truly hurting....when you feel battered and bruised and deep in the gut pain?  Oh, my friend, you need a friend.  You need someone to listen.  To nod.  To hold your hand.  You need someone to hug you.  To brush your tears away.  To simply say ,"I'm sorry you're hurting."

Don't, for gosh sake, don't hold it in.  Don't turn to old vices because you want to hurt yourself or you don't think it matters or you don't think you matter.  Do NOT give up!!  There is someone willing...someone who wants....to brush away your tears.  They are there, truly.  You just have to be willing to say, "I need to talk".  Or even "I don't know what to do".  Or "I hurt".

Because when you think clearly once again, and you will!, you will know that you are more important than any vice you used to have.  You are worth more than a cigarette.  And this, too, will pass.  Because everything does.  And you may have scars and you may feel wrung out and you may be shaky, but you will see things clearly again.

So talk.  Allow those close to you to be your support, just as you have been theirs.  Allow people to hold you up just as you have held up others.  Allow people to listen just as you have listened. 

Because your feelings matter.  Because it will help heal you.  Because you matter.

Big, gentle hugs to all, Sheri