Finding Serenity

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 5, 2016

~~Nature is the best medicine for serenity, peace, calmness, stillness.  It's good for the heart.~~ Unknown

I took a walk around the lake this morning.  It was about 4:45am, long before sunrise.  The stars were still shining, the air was cool, and nature was just beginning to wake up.  The peace was welcome, as I haven't quite been myself lately.  I don't think when I walk, I just am in the moment.  I hear the music of the early birds, the chirp of the crickets, and stirring of the ducks.  I smell the dew on the earth and the scent of jasmine, magnolias, and other flowers.  I see the twinking stars and shadows of clouds, trees, and well manicured bushes.

To me, there is nothing like the feeling of walking in nature.  The stillness, the quiet....the serenity.  I need that to nurture my soul and to heal my heart when I am sad.  To start my day right.  And when I come back home, I bring that peace into the house, into the lives of my children and grandchildren. 

It is one of the coping skills I identified when I quit smoking.  Now it is simply a gift I give to myself each day.

I hope you know what to do to calm your mind.  I hope you know what to do to bring yourself peace.  I hope you know how to find serenity when you need it.  Because all these things will help you keep your quit.   And when your quit is solid, these things will continue to bring you peace and calmness and serenity.

May your day be filled with quiet joy and serenity,