Not Today

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 22, 2016

~~Today is the day I choose to kill this demon, I have let it win too often;  not today.~~  Gareth Egan

The time will come when you decide that you've had enough.  Enough crave laden quits, enough white-knuckle quits, enough going back to that first day.  Enough stops and starts and disappointments and 'failures'.

In fact, the time will come, my friend, when you take back your power and say "Enough!!"

You don't think so? Stop for a moment and think about it.  With all the successful quits here, how do you think they occurred?  Magic maybe?  A secret formula that we aren't giving you? 

Of course not!  We may have all quit different ways....NRTs, cold turkey, hypnosis.....but we have one thing in common.  We did it.  We took back our power.  We became the most fierce of warriors, stood our ground, and killed it.

Now, some may not have thought about it like that.  But don't you think it's true just the same?   If we aren't playing with it....going back to day 1, romancing it, wallowing in it....we must be killing it.  If we aren't just contemplating it, or studying it, or wondering about it, we must be  saying "Enough!"

You may not think you are a warrior.  You may not think you have the strength or the courage or the determination.  But we used to think that, too.  Truth is, it is there in each and every one of us once we stop focusing on the fear of letting go.

Find your inner warrior!  Let today be the day you decide to kill it.