Your Voice Matters

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 14, 2016

~~Your life has purpose, your story is important, your dreams count.  Your voice matters, you were born to make an impact.~~  Unknown

I read Sparky's post this morning.  I read about not writing the prize winning blog.  Iread about gratitude.  And then I thought about all the people who come to this site.  The quiet ones.  The lonely ones.  The shy ones.  The unsure.  The hesitant.

There are people on this site who make a big impact on us all.  The ones that everyone know....the Tommys and the Dales and the Shawns and the Giulias and the Thomases and the Ellens.  The ones who are here every day doing what they do best....writing, supporting, encouraging, imparting big wisdoms for those who need it.

Then there are the Marilyns and the Sharons and the Nancys and the Nikkis and the Diane Joys and the Aztecs.  The ones who make you feel like you've come home.  They welcome us and they remember us and they open their arms to all of us.

Then there are the Sparkys and the Sheris and the rest of us.  The ones who come here every now and then or are even here daily but they wonder...."Do I make a difference?"  The ones who don't write prize winning posts.  The ones who can't be here enough to have everyone know who they are. 

As a Sheri, I can tell you that it doesn't matter your name or how much you come here or if you write that prize winning blog.  Your voice matters.  Your story matters to the next smoker who is looking for answers.  Your story matters to that lonely one who just want to know someone cares.  Your story matters to those who hesitate and need to hear there is nothing to be afraid of.  I will never write a "WOW!!" post.  And I'm ok with that.  I write because maybe someone will read it, smile, and feel better about his/herself.  That's all.

Sparky, I know you here.  I may not say hi like I should.  I don't say hi to most of those I know here.  Not because I am cold or unfeeling but because somehow I've lost that art of making small talk.  But I'm here if you need me.  I'm here if you just want a friend.  I'm here and I will respond, although I do not call those I don't know :)

Please don't leave totally.  Please don't think you don't matter here.  Everyone matters here because we all have that something in common.  We know smoking and we know quitting and that bond can be the start of a lifelong friendship....even if it's just a "hi, Sheri" every now and then.

You matter.  We all do.  And your life has a purpose that no one else in the world can bring to us.  We need it and we need you.