Be Proud of Your Pieces

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 8, 2016

~~Please be proud of the pieces that make you, you.  Embrace the oddities and hold on to them with everything you have.  These strange little quirks belong to us, and only us, and they are all absolutely vital in creating the bigger picture that is who we are.  Be proud of yourself, because if you are, it never matters who else is.  Because when you are, the inevitiability of other people believing in you and being proud, too, is such an amazing bonus to the strength you already possess.~~  Tyler Knott Gregson

You can be proud of that 100 day quit.  Those huge 1000 day milestones.  That stupendous 5 smoke free years celebration.  You've earned them, right?!  You've worked for them.  You've struggled and paid your dues.

But please remember to be just as proud of your decision to quit smoking, even if your quit date is weeks away.  Decisions like this honor you and are just as vital as the bigger, more obvious successes.  Be proud of making it through that first day!  Hard as %&** for some of us, right?!  Vital to the courageous you...the 'grace under pressure' you who doesn't buckle for anything.

Be proud of the whining you.  Be proud of the jittery you.  Be proud of the you who maintains that quit no matter what kind of stormy weather.

Because those moments define you as well.  They may not be pretty or smooth or standing ovation moments, but they demonstrate with clarity your strength of character. 

Don't let those negative emotions you may be feeling define how you look at yourself.  You may be stressed, unhappy, depressed, angry........but those are only emotions and emotions change with the wind.  You, my friend, are brave and honorable and strong.  You have every right to be proud of yourself no matter where you are in your quit.  You have an obligation to yourself to feel proud that you are living your truth.  Your way.  Your time.  Your pace.

So when weakness hits, be proud that you didn't give up.  When storms blow in, be proud that you stood your ground.  And when you don't think you can hang on much longer, be proud that you have hung on this far.

Be proud of you.  I am.  Others are.  But it is most important that you are as well.  And those little quirks that keep you off balance?  Charming!  And those oddities that you may find embarrassing?  Delightful!  So the quit that you are finding difficult and messy and ugly?  Your pathway to life.  Doesn't get any better than that :)

Celebrate you!