Your Heart Has Kept Beating

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 12, 2016

~~You are not too fat or too skinny.  You are not too old or too wrinkly.  Your nose isn't too big and your boobs aren't too small.  You are not ugly or stupid.  This body of yours no matter what shape or size has carried you around your whole life.  It has taken you places, enabled you to explore the world.  Picked you up when you have fallen down.  Fought through colds and flu, broken bones and broken hearts.  Even though you put it down it keeps on going.  Keeps on working the best it can.  Through the good and the bad your heart has kept beating.  It will take you through to the very end.  What a wonderfully clever thing it is.  What a brilliant beautiful person you are.~~  Unknown

Have you ever stopped to really think about your body?  Other than hating your hips or loathing your hair or wishing for different eye colors?  This body you've been given.....from birth to death, it is what it is.

Please love it.  Nurture it.  Take good care of it.  Smoking, we all know, kills it....little by little, bit by bit.  Depletes the oxygen it needs, ruins the lungs, attacks the gums.  I could go on but we all know it.  When we chose to smoke (and whether or not you admit it, it's a choice), we are also chosing to kill off the very thing that keeps us alive.

I happen to like my body.  It's shortness.  It's funky hair.  All it's nooks and crannies.  And by chosing to quit smoking, I have learned to take better care of it.  Through my love of yoga and nature walks and healthy foods, I am showing it that I care. 

I have two different colored eyes.  One hazel, one brown.  I am left-handed.  My hair frizzes in humid weather....and I live in Florida :)  But I am 53 years old and my body hasn't let me down yet.  It loved me through so very many things that could have killed me.  Now I'm learning to love it in return.

Ok, I tend to get carried away sometimes, but that's who I am.  How about you?  Do you care about that body you have or do you dismiss it as "too fat" or "too old"?  Do you give it things it needs or do you continue to poison it? 

Love yourself, my friends.  Adore your size, shape, colors, and quirks!!  Nurture you and protect you.  You only get one body so treat it well!!  In return, it will get you up in the morning and keep you going through your day.  Celebrate your smile.  Love that sparkle in your eyes.  And be good to yourself.  You are brilliant.