I Gave It My All

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 10, 2016

~~I would rather die, broken into a thousand pieces because I loved fierce, I gave of my heart, pursued my dreams and believed in the goodness of humanity, than die as a whole, untouched and unbruised because I wanted to preserve myself from hurt, disappointment, and things going wrong.  Dear life, take me out hobbling, scarred, messy, dirty, and all over the place but with a grin on my heart because I gave it all I had.  That's all I want people to say about me at the end.  I gave.  And I gave it all.~~  S.c. Lourie

I do kinda enjoy being a mess.  I grin with my heart and I definitely believe in the goodness of humanity. 

I couldn't do that as a smoker.  To give my it my all.  To pursue my dreams.  Too busy using smoking to cover up all those uncomfortable emotions.  Too busy hiding behind the lethal smoke to really give even half of who I am.  Too addicted to love fiercely. 

I had a beautiful awakening when I quit.  A lovely realization that I could...I can!....give life my all.  I am not afraid of disappointment or hurt.  I accept it as part of life.  Glorious, wonderful life!! 

Have you had your awakening?  Are you a living a full, messy, totally marvelous life?  Can you say you're giving it your all?  I hope so.  I wish you all the splendor life has to offer!!  I hope your eyes are sparkling and your feet are dirty and your heart is filled with joy and love and wonder.   

 Most of all, I hope you wish the same for yourself.