And That's When Everything Changes

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 6, 2016

~~When you realize you deserve an extraordinary life..you deserve people in your life who love and cherish you.  You deserve happiness.  And most of all that you're never alone.  That's when everything changes.~~ @AfterChloe

So you think you're ordinary?  You think that you can't make a difference in the world?  You think that you are one in a crowd....a nameless person blending in with other nameless people and no one recognizes how special you are, even you.

And so you smoke because...what does it matter?  Who cares?  It passes the time?  You are going to die one day anyhow?

Most of us smoke(d) because we are addicts.  The excuses, however, were the same.  Boredom, stress, anxiety, loneliness......all the negatives that make an addict justify their addiction. 

It broke my heart to see, finally, what I was doing to myself.  The addiction was there, sure.  But the negatives that powered my addictions....I was believing them.  I wasn't important.  I couldn't handle things.  My life was a series of losses, disappointments, and tragedies that I had no control over.  And so I lit another.

Are you breaking your own heart?  Do you believe your addiction?  Or do you see just how remarkable you are?!!  You deserve to have people in your life who cherish you.....so begin with yourself.  Cherish that person you are.  The one who is lonely, lost, afraid......love her.  The one who is stressed, worried, and anxious.  Nurture her.  The one who is secretly delighted with frilly clothes, butterscotch candies, and reruns of M*A*S*H.  Delight in her.

And then, just when you realize how very wonderful you are.....everything changes.  You begin to see that others take joy in who you are as well.  People want to be around you.  Some rely on you.  Some have fun with you.  Others simply unconditionally love you. 

And everything continues to change.  You begin to notice beauty in yourself as well as beauty in others.  You take pride in your courage.  You believe in yourself.  And the world seems to be opening to you in a way it never has before.  Everything is changing.....because you are changing.  Your beliefs in yourself.  Your ideas of the world.  Your attitude.  Your life.

And how very, very maginficent that is!!  How very magnigicent you are!!  It will happen, I know.  Because it happened to me.  And it happened to my friends here.  And it happens every day to people who no longer listen to their addiction......they listen to their hearts instead.  And that's when everything changes.

Happy Monday, my friends.  Sheri