Everything About You Matters

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 4, 2016

~~Everything about you matters.  Everything.  Your voice.  Your song.  Your sorrow.  Your joy.  Your dreams.  Your tragedies.  Your struggles.  Your victories.  Your tears.  Your laugh.  The way your cheeks blush.  The way your nose crinkles.  Everything.  The world will tell you you are insignificant.  You are everything but that.  You are beautiful.  You are alive.   You are original.  Everything about you matters.  Everything.~~ S. C. Lauriel

You may not think so.  You may think that it doesn't matter that you smoke.  You may think that no one much cares what you do. 

You have never been so wrong.  Because you matter.  Every breath you take.  Every smile.  Every word.  You touch people's lives and people's hearts.  Of course the world gets so busy that some may forget to tell you.  Others may simply assume you know how very, very important you are to them. 

You may not have much family.  You may not have many friends.  But that part isn't important.   YOU are important.  You may save a life one day with just a smile that someone needed to see in order to remember people really are kind.  You may touch the life of a child who has thought no one cared. 

But most of all, my dear smokers, you should matter to.....you.  Yes, quitting may seem difficult.  But aren't you worth the effort?  Yes, you are!   Don't you love yourself as much as you love those family members and friends?  You should.  You should delight that you are here in the world!!  That truly means something.  Get to know yourself, be your own best friend, be the hero of your own story and always, always be stronger than your excuses.

Love yourself enough to quit.  Because you matter.  Because we need you.  Because the universe needs you.  But mostly because you should matter to yourself.

Good night, EX world.  Sweet dreams and quiet joys to each of you.