Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 3, 2016

~~My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who and what I am.  To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my talents, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can't be loved as I am.~~  Annis Nin

I accepted this mission and I simply am in love with my life now.  I fixed some things I had neglected.  I nurtured some things that had been hidden.  And I celebrated some things that deserved celebration.

One of the best things I ever did for me was to quit smoking.  Not just because I quit killing myself little by little, but because I started living little by little as well.  I replaced all those smoke filled moments with joy filled moments instead.  So rather than smoke, I tried new things or repeated things I loved to do.  I learned that I am very, very good at being brave.  I learned that I cannot draw even stick figures.  I learned that I love searching antique stores.  Life was good.

Even more, I was good!  Happy was always there, waiting for me when I had to handle sad, depressed, stress, but always within reach.  Fun was always there.  Joy was always there.  I just needed to remember to turn to all the good rather than get stuck in the addictive thoughts of nicotine.  After a while, turning to the good became a "habit" that I didn't even have to remember to do anymore.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a life you love.  Be brave enough to try things you always wanted to try.  Be strong enough to hold onto hope during times when the world treats you cruelly.  And love yourself enough to walk away from those things that hurt your heart.  Learn, my friends, to accept yourself, forgive yourself, and be your own hero.

Smoking doesn't do a thing for you except to steal your life, minute by minute.  Walk away from it and leave it alone.  Create that life you love and you will find that life will love you in return. 

Happy root beer float Friday!!  Sheri